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How To Frost A Layer Cake


Raspberry Walnut Torte

Raspberry Walnut Torte

Linda Larsen
Layer cakes can be intimidating. But frosting them, while an acquired skill, is something you can do with these easy tips.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Bake a layer cake, using your favorite recipe or a mix, remove layers from pans, and cool completely.
  2. Freeze the layers until solid. This makes it easier to frost them. If you are more experienced, you can skip this step.
  3. Make frosting according to your favorite recipe, or use canned frosting or a mix.
  4. Using a lazy susan or turntable will make the frosting process easier, but if you don't have one, just pick a pretty serving platter to use.
  5. Tear off four short strips of waxed paper and place them in a square on your serving plate, leaving an open space in the middle. This will keep the serving platter clean.
  6. Carefully place one cake layer on the waxed paper, rounded side down so you have a flat surface to work with. Using about 1 cup of the frosting, spread frosting over the top of the layer.
  7. Place the second layer on top of the frosting, rounded side up, aligning the edges.
  8. Using an offset spatula for more control, spread a very thin layer of frosting on the sides of the cake to seal in any stray crumbs. This is much easier if you have a lazy susan.
  9. Then frost the sides of the cake, using the spatula to make peaks and swirls. Build up a slight edge at the top of the cake.
  10. Finish frosting the top of the cake, pushing frosting to the edges to meet the frosting on the sides. Have fun swirling the frosting so it's pretty!
  11. Carefully pull out the waxed paper strips. Now you see why we used them - your serving platter is perfectly clean!


  1. I would recommend making more frosting than most recipes call for, especially if you're a beginner. Nothing is more frustrating than running out. Use two cans of frosting if you're using that type.
  2. Offset spatulas have a kink in the blade that keep your fingers away from the frosting while working.
  3. Add liquid to thin, or powdered sugar to thicken the frosting as you work if the texture changes.
  4. I sometimes start with the top of the cake instead of the sides. Frost the top thickly, then add more frosting to the top. Use your spatula to ease the frosting down the sides of the cake, making sure to keep it even.

What You Need

  • cake layers
  • frosting
  • waxed paper
  • offset spatula
  • lazy susan
  • serving plate
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