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One Dish Crockpot Meals

Healthy and Delicious!


Chicken Cacciatore
alanagkelly/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

It's time for more crockpot recipes! The slow cooker is the ideal appliance for making sure your family eats a nutritious, healthy dinner with little effort; and it doesn't heat up your kitchen. I browsed through my recipe collection and chose those one dish crockpot meals that provide the greatest amount of nutrition per serving. All you need to add to these recipes is a nice green salad, a glass of milk and some crunchy breadsticks for a complete meal. What could be easier than that?

Most of these slow cooker recipes can easily be altered to your family's tastes. You can change the amounts and types of vegetables, meats and seasonings. Make sure you pay attention to layering instructions, as foods like vegetables cook more slowly and should be on the bottom of the slow cooker. Visit Crockpot Lessons for more hints and tips. And share your favorite recipes and family successes in the Busy Cooks Forum.

One Dish Crockpot Meals

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