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Simple Sandwich Lunch Menu


Crispy Skillet Cookies

Crispy Skillet Cookies

Linda Larsen

Salmon and cucumber sandwiches are famous for being part of a selection of dainty tea sandwiches in fancy afternoon parties. This version, however, is less dainty, but simply satisfying. The cucumber adds a cool crunch and helps cut through the suave richness of the salmon. Lemon juice and yogurt add a bit of zing.

The soup served with these sandwiches uses just five ingredients and is rich and satisfying, with bits of carrot to add color, flavor and nutrition. You could also serve your favorite canned soup with these sandwiches, dressed up a bit with some cheese, popcorn, or tiny crackers sprinkled on top.

And the cookies are ones you will make again and again. They are a simple no-bake cookie, made in a saucepan, that are smooth, creamy, crunchy, and rich all at the same time. Yum.

Simple Lunch Menu

  • Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches
    This sandwich filling works very well with tiny sandwich buns, but would also be great in split pita breads or toasted whole grain bread.
  • Boursin Soup
    Any type or kind of soft cheese can be used in this simple soup recipe.
  • Skillet Cookies
    These old-fashioned cookies melt dates in a sugar syrup, then use crisp rice cereal to add crunch and form. They are some of my favorite cookies of all-time.

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