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Impossible Pies

The Easiest Main Dish and Dessert Pies


Impossible pies were invented in the 1970s by home economists at General Mills. These easy pies are made by combining a baking mix with other pie ingredients, then baking in a standard pie pan. There really isn't a 'crust' that forms during baking; the mixture holds together like a pie and is sliced and served like a pie. You can make your own baking mix to control the sodium content instead of buying a commercial product.

Since these pies are like a quick bread, it's important to follow the directions carefully, measure carefully, and mix the batter just until ingredients are combined. Overmixing will result in a tough pie.

Once you have learned the basic proportion of ingredients, you can experiment and make your own 'improbable pie'. And when you do invent a stunning new recipe, be sure to post it in the Busy Cooks Forum in our thread about these great pies.

Impossible Pies

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