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Halloween Recipes

Creepy Crawly Foods


Graveyard Dip with Witches Fingers

Graveyard Dip with Witches Fingers

Linda Larsen

Are you thinking about hosting a Halloween party? Set the scene with some tasty and fun Halloween recipes using the best of fall produce, with a spooky twist. These recipes are all delicious variations on traditional fall foods, with some Halloween flavor thrown in for fun. Of course, all of these recipes taste delicious, no matter how gross they look.

For a party, mix and match these foods, making sure to keep temperature, texture, flavors, and contrast in mind. The best party food has a variety of all of those attributes! Decorate with streamers, balloons, candles, and fake cobwebs. And be sure to spend some time on your costume! And remember to check out my other Halloween ideas!

Have a safe, happy and spooky Halloween!

Halloween Recipes

I like serving appetizers as the whole meal for parties. Your guests have more choices and can sample foods they might not otherwise try. Finger foods also encourage people to mingle, laugh, and talk as they eat, making a more fluid party.

To create a haunting atmosphere, light your house with candles only, set up small portable fans to gently blow around fake spider webs, and fill plastic gloves with ice, freeze, remove the plastic, and place in your punchbowl. In a darkened hallway, tape long lengths of black thread to the ceiling, hanging low enough to brush faces as people walk by. Make sure you have lots of spooky Halloween music on the CD, light a fire in the fireplace if it's cold outside (or even if it's not) and carve lots of pumpkins with your kids to display inside and out.

And chaperoning parents of trick-or-treaters would appreciate a treat too. You’ll be the most popular stop on the block when you offer some great hors d’oeuvres (portable, of course), to warm up those cold bones.

Use your imagination when displaying these wonderful treats. Use organic, untreated fall flowers to garnish platters, display scary masks around your dining room, and don't forget Halloween colored twinkle lights.

And of course we can't forget sweets! These homemade goodies may even have the kids forsaking their bags of treats! (yeah, right).

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