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Easter Breakfast and Brunch Menus

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Family celebrations, traditional recipes, and church services are the important features of Easter. And my Easter Break and Brunch recipes and menus are perfect for your busy day.

Are you going to a sunrise service? Plan on my Easter Make Ahead Breakfast recipes to feed your hungry family when you return. The menus and recipes for Easter Brunch and Easter Breakfast contain some of my very favorite recipes that are perfect to serve after an Easter Egg hunt.

As a bonus, I've included a meal that is cooked entirely in slow cookers! Yes, you need 4 crockpots for this menu, but borrow a few and you can have Easter brunch ready and waiting for with hardly any effort when you when you get back from church. You could also splurge and buy one of the new crockpots that has two separate pots, or even three! And the recipes just for kids are fun and very easy to make. You could add one or two to any of these menus.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration. Put fresh flowers on the table, decorate with spring colors, your best china, crystal, and linens, and enjoy the day with family and friends.


Easter Breakfast and Brunch Menus


Easter Brunch for a Bunch

Make cheese blintzes in the oven for a crowd in this easy menu. And bake some bacon in brown sugar for the perfect complement. A couple of fruit salads round out this delicious menu.


Easter Make Ahead Breakfast

French toast and a delicious egg casserole are the highlights of this easy brunch menu. All you have to do on Easter morning is put a couple of dishes into the oven, then enjoy your company.


Early Morning Easter Breakfast

One of my favorite egg dishes of all time, Swiss Eggs, is the star of this menu. You can serve other quick breads too if you'd like.


Make Ahead Eggs for Easter Brunch

This elegant and easy menu is fun to make and eat. The creamy and tender scrambled eggs nestle into little puff pastry cups, two fruit salads add color and interest, and the cookies look like tiny nests with pastel eggs.


Elegant Easter Brunch Menu

This brunch menu has some of my favorite recipes ever. A rich chicken quiche, a flavorful pasta salad, the best coffeecake in the world, and an easy dessert are included.


Easter Breakfast for Kids

These recipes will intrigue children of all ages. Crisp cinnamon puffs can be used to tell the Easter story, and use canned pear halves to make the cutest bunny salad ever. The kids will love it.


Crockpot Easter Brunch Menu

An easy egg and potato casserole cooks to perfection in your slow cooker and starts this brunch menu. And it ends with a rich and indulgent chocolate caramel cake. Yum.


Easter Brunch, Step by Step

This beautiful and elegant brunch is portrayed in pictures. Enjoy the holiday!

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