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These recipes all use five ingredients or less, not counting salt, pepper and water. You'll be amazed at how many delicious recipes use just a few ingredients!

Five Ingredient Crockpot Recipes

These marvelous recipes all use five ingredients or less, not counting flour, water, sugar, oil, and dried spices. They are all quick and easy to make and delicious to eat. You can substitute your favorite foods for some of the ingredients in these recipes; for instance, use Cheddar instead of Swiss cheese, or green peas in place of green beans. And, of course, you're free to add more ingredients! Enjoy these delectable recipes.

Appetizer Recipes
Easy appetizers can make the meal and can even substitute for the entree in some cases. These little treats are simply delicious.

Bread Recipes
Quick bread, muffins, and yeast breads are are all fun to make, and simple recipes using frozen and refrigerated doughs will expand your repertoire. These recipes are perfect for breakfast and brunch, and some are wonderful served alongside soups and stews.

Cake Recipes
Easy cake recipes are the perfect finishing touch to any meal. You can frost these cake recipes with canned frostings, or make your own.

Cookie and Candy Recipes
Who doesn't love cookies and candies! These quick and easy treats are perfect for filling the cookie jar and for special occasions. Try Cookie Brittle, Chewy Gooey Bars, or Rocky Road Bars.

Dessert Recipes
Five ingredient desserts are perfect for feeding unexpected company, or just when you want something sweet.

Five Ingredient Entree Recipes
Whether you're making beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or a vegetarian feast, these simple and quick recipes are wonderful.

Salad Recipes
These fabulous easy salad recipes can be the whole meal (as in Orange Chicken and Wild Rice Salad), or are perfect to serve along with grilled meats (as in Carrot Pineapple Freeze).

Sandwich Recipes
Sandwich recipes are ideal for lunch on the run or to pack in a brown bag for school. My favorite is Salmon Pesto Rolls.

Side Dish and Vegetable Recipes
Simple and delicious side dish recipes round out any meal. Try Sour Cream Potatoes or Green Bean Casserole.

Soup Recipes with Five Ingredients or Less

Comforting and warming soups are so easy to make, and these recipes are wonderful.

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