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German Holidays Customs Celebrations - Braeuche Feste
Traditional holidays and religious celebrations in the German-speaking countries - with information and annotated German-English glossaries.
Holidays & Celebrations - Christianity - About.com
Here we offer holiday tips for Christians, such as decorating ideas, money saving hints, creative ways to celebrate the holidays, tips for dealing with family issues ...
French Holidays and Celebrations - French Language - About.com
Learn about French holidays including Bastille Day, la Toussaint, and Chandeleur, as well as the French variations on celebrations like Christmas, Halloween, ...
What holidays do Muslims celebrate? - About.com Islam
All Islamic holidays are observed according to the lunar-based Islamic calendar. ... celebrations, there are no other universally-observed Islamic holidays.
Celebrate Holidays at Work for Motivation and Team Building
Celebrating holidays at work is key to promote teamwork and employee engagement and motivation. Here are ideas for your celebrations for each season.
Italian Holidays - Holidays in Italy - List of Italian Holidays
Italian holidays, festivals, and feast days reflect Italian culture, history, and religious practices. Some Italian holidays are similar to those celebrated throughout ...
A Calendar of German Holidays and Customs - German-English
Some of the holidays listed here are regional or specifically Catholic or Protestant celebrations only. You can find out more about hyperlinked holidays by ...
Purim, The Jewish Holiday - Meaning, Customs - About Judaism
Purim is a festive Jewish holiday that celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from their enemies in the biblical Book of Esther. Purim is celebrated on the ...
Multicultural Holiday Celebrations - Cultural Diversity Holidays
Compromise is all it takes for multicultural families to celebrate the holidays in a way that reflects the diversity each member brings to the table.
Celebrate Holidays and Events in the Workplace - How Do You ...
Many workplaces celebrate annual holidays. Over time, as you celebrate annual holidays in your workplace, you form traditions and give employees fodder for ...
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