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Appliance Information and Recipes

There are many kitchen appliances available that help you cook quickly. From bread machines to crockpots to indoor grills, find information, tips and recipes using these appliances. Learn how the appliances work, safety tips, and information to use them easily and efficiently.
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  2. Crockpots (17)
  3. Freezing Food (11)
  4. Indoor Grills (6)
  5. Microwave Ovens (7)
  6. Outdoor Grills (15)
  7. Pressure Cookers (2)
  8. Product Reviews (7)

Skillet Meals
With a skillet, a spoon, and a burner (or just an electric skillet), you can make delicious and easy meals in just a few minutes. Try any one of my recipes, including Skillet Paella and Beefy Greek Skillet, or print out my mix-and-match chart and invent your own skillet creation.

Mini Food Processors
For the Busy Cook, mini food processors are a wonderful choice. I have one I have used for 15 years. It makes wonderful pesto, grinds bread crumbs and nuts, and purees cream cheese and soups. Look at this guide to decide which one you want to purchase.

Toaster Ovens
Epinions is a valuble resource for consumers. Writers evaluate products and then give frank opinions about their reliability, durability, and ease of use. And links to stores selling the products are right on the same page. Toaster ovens are wonderful appliances for the busy cook, for reheating smaller portions, toasting, and cooking small quantities.

Consumer Search reviews the reviewers! They take a frank look at product reviews, and tell you which are the most honest, useful, and reliable. Make sure to read this article before you buy your next blender.

Slow Roasters
The Busy Cooks Forum was the source for this link. I hadn't any experience with slow roasters, and after I read about them during some research, I decided to buy one for myself. This simple appliance makes excellent roasts, large casseroles, and will even bake too!

Food Processor
Food processors can be incredible timesavers if you choose the right one for you and learn to use it properly. Consumer's Search gives you the best product reviews so can buy with confidence.

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