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Traditional Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Menu


Swedish Tea Log

Swedish Tea Log

Linda Larsen Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Linda Larsen

For Christmas breakfast (or brunch, depending on when you get up), you need some special foods that are delicious but still easy to make. This menu is perfect.

The most tender and luscious scrambled eggs are served with my favorite recipe of all time, Swedish Tea Log. A delicious sausage and bacon combo and some gorgeous little stuffed peaches round out the menu. This is the Christmas breakfast recipe we have at my house.

Traditional Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Menu

  • Perfect Scrambled Eggs
    Yes, these eggs are made in a double boiler. It takes some time, but boy is the result worth it. They're so moist and fluffy with the richest flavor.
  • Swedish Tea Log
    Christmas breakfast deserves something special. And this, my favorite recipe of all time, is it! Make the dough two days before Christmas and store it in the fridge. Then shape the coffee cake the day before and refrigerate. All you have to do Christmas morning is bake and frost. And eat!
  • Apple Glazed Sausage and Bacon
    Apple juice, apple jelly, and maple syrup combine to make a fabulous glaze on sausage and bacon in this special recipe.
  • Stuffed Peaches
    This old family recipe is a real treasure. And because you make salads in individual cups, it's easy to eat when you're serving buffet style.

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