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Christmas Recipes and Menus

These wonderful and easy Christmas recipes and menus include new favorites and old, cherished heirloom recipes everyone will love.

More Christmas Leftover Recipes
Christmas leftover recipes for sandwiches, casseroles, and desserts. Find fabulous recipes using leftover Christmas foods like ham, beef, turkey, candy canes, and cranberry sauce.

Chicken Scampi Special Dinner Menu
Chicken Scampi is the centerpiece for a special holiday dinner menu. This special menu for the holidays includes Chicken Scampi, Pesto Rice, Sauteed Baby Carrots, and some luscious brownies.

Easiest Ever Christmas Dinner Menu
Easiest ever Christmas dinner menu is simple and foolproof. These quick and easy recipes make one of the easiest Christmas dinner menus ever.

Crockpot Turkey Breast Holiday Dinner Menu
Turkey Holiday dinner menu is an easy menu for entertaining during the holidays. Make turkey with stuffing in the crockpot and serve with easy side dishes for the perfect entertaining menu.

Top 10 Christmas Cookies
These are the cookies I have to make every year for the holiday season. They include old family favorites, cookies that are a bit more labor-intensive, and heirloom recipes I just can't miss. From chocolate butter cookies to roll-out decorated cookies to turtle candies in bar form, you'll love them too.

Alternative Christmas Menus
Searching for alternative Christmas menus? These luscious and easy menus are ideal for smaller families or those who don't want to make a fuss.

Christmas Breakfast Menus
Menus for breakfast on Christmas morning. Festive recipes for Christmas morning breakfast and menus.

Christmas Memories and Traditions
These are some memories of Christmases past, with a few special traditional recipes. Christmas memories and menus with recipes.

Tree Trimming Appetizer Party Menu
Searching for a fun way to entertain during the holidays? Have a Tree Trimming Appetizer Party, with delicious and easy recipes such as Asparagus Tarts and Brie with Cherry Chutney.

Have a Holiday Cookie Exchange
Searching for tips for a holiday cookie exchange? Host a holiday cookie exchange with these easy ideas, tips, and favorite recipes, including Chocolate Buttersweets and Treasure Chest Bars.

Gifts From Your Kitchen
Looking for delicious and inexpensive gift ideas? Make gifts from your kitchen this holiday season, such as a basket of Snack Mixes or Gifts in a Jar.

Christmas Leftovers
Find fabulous recipes using leftover Christmas foods like ham, beef, turkey, candy canes, and cranberry sauce.

A Cozy Christmas Dinner
Searching for an easy alternative Christmas dinner menu? Enjoy this delicious and cozy Christmas Dinner menu of soup and scones, served around a crackling fireplace and your glimmering Christmas tree.

Special Holiday Dinner Menu: Mexican Peacocks
This special holiday dinner menu features Mexican Peacocks, chicken breasts stuffed with a rich avocado mixture.

My Favorite Christmas Recipes
Searching for fabulous Christmas recipes? These recipes are some of my all-time favorites, including Chocolate Buttersweets, Butter Pecan Cookies, and Parker House Rolls.

Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu
This menu for a traditional Christmas dinner includes my family favorites. From Honey Glazed Ham to Parker House Rolls, all of these recipes are tried and true. Enjoy Christmas with your family and friends.

Special Holiday Dinner Menus
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just the winter solstice, these easy and delicious holiday menus feature some of my best recipes for entertaining family and guests. Enjoy Roast Chicken, Shrimp Scampi, Crown Roast of Pork, and more.

All My Holiday Articles
This growing collection of articles focuses on Christmas and the holiday season. Whether you want to throw a great party, find some new cookie and dessert recipes, or need a menu for a cozy family dinner, you'll find some great new ideas. Bookmark this page and use it as a reference to see you through the festive weeks ahead.

Make Ahead Holiday Appetizers
This fabulous collection of make ahead appetizer recipes should see you through the holiday season. Make Onion Jam to serve with cream cheese, Tex Mex Snack Mix, Pesto Torte, or Cherry Chutney so you're ready for parties and hungry family members.

Crockpot Holiday Recipes
Your crockpot can be such a space and time saver in the kitchen during the holidays. You can make everything from appetizers to side dishes to beverages to gifts in this wonderful appliance. Add Crockpot White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Crockpot Oyster Stew, or Sugared Nuts to your holiday repertoire.

Holiday Foods to Freeze Ahead
Now is the time to start making foods for the holidays and freezing them. You will be ready for drop-in guests, impromptu parties, weekend guests, and last-minute entertaining with these easy and foolproof recipes. Try Jalapeno Poppers, Banana Slush Punch, or Spicy Chili to get ready for the holidays.

Make Your Own Mixes
It's time to start thinking about holiday gift giving. And there is no better gift than a custom made food mix, from Dukka to Homemade Cream Soup Mixes and Cookie Mix in a Jar.

Holiday Help Lines
These handy helplines, sponsored by major food companies and federations, are staffed by professional Home Economists who can help you with just about any cooking or baking question.

Gifts in a Jar
Gifts in a Jar are a wonderful and inexpensive idea for Christmas and Hanukkah. Make homemade mixes and pack in a pretty jar for a wonderful gift idea.

Beverage Gifts in a Jar
Searching for inexpensive holiday gift ideas? Beverage Gifts in a Jar are quick and easy choices for holiday giving.

Snack Mix Gifts in a Jar
Searching for inexpensive homemade gift ideas? Snack Mix Gifts in a Jar are a quick and easy, delicious and fun, including Spicy Pumpkin Seeds and People Puppy Chow.

Crockpot Christmas Dinner Menu
Searching for a super easy menu for Christmas? This crockpot Christmas dinner menu is the next best thing if you can't afford a personal chef, including recipes for Creamy Crockpot Potatoes and Crockpot Beef Rouladen.

Quick Bread Gift Recipes
Searching for easy and inexpensive holiday gift ideas? Quick Bread Gift Recipes are easy to make and the perfect holiday gift, including Banana Bread and Cranberry Oatmeal Nut Bread.

Preserves and Condiments Gifts
Looking for delicious and cheap holiday gift ideas? Preserves and Condiments Gifts are ideal Christmas presents, such as Grainy Honey Mustard and Crockpot Apricot Preserves.

Candies and Confections
Searching for luscious and inexpensive Christmas gifts? Candy Christmas gifts are delicious and easy to make, including Easiest Fudge in the world and Cashew Truffles.

Holiday Recipes and Menus
Searching for recipes and menus to make the holiday season easier? These holiday recipes and menus will help you make gift giving and entertaining a breeze with quick and easy, make ahead, and freeze ahead foods to help you celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Hanukkah.

Christmas Recipes and Tips
Searching for fabulous Christmas recipes and tips? Make Christmas easy with these quick and easy recipes, menus, and tips, such as make ahead holiday foods, heirloom recipes, and holiday dinner menus.

Freeze Ahead Holiday Desserts
Searching for freeze ahead holiday dessert recipes? These delicious and quick recipes include Apple Snacking Cake and Caramel Cream Cookies.

Five Ingredient Holiday Recipes
Searching for five ingredient holiday recipes? These super easy and delicious holiday recipes will have you in and out of the kitchen in a hurry, including Pineapple Lamb Chops and Butter Pecan Turtle Cookies.

Make Ahead Holiday Recipes
Make Ahead Holiday Recipes are a great way to save time during the holiday season. Make these easy recipes ahead of time and freeze or store them to pull out when guests drop in.

All About Christmas Cookies
Find everything you need to know about Christmas cookies. Learn how to make the best cookies, find the top 10 best Christmas cookies, and learn how to host a holiday cookie exchange.

Christmas Dinner Menus
Christmas Dinner Menus

Christmas Gifts From Your Kitchen
Learn how to make spectacular Christmas gifts from your kitchen. Find recipes and plans to make your own Christmas gifts.

Christmas Leftover Recipes
Christmas Leftover Recipes

Roast Beef Christmas Dinner
Roast Beef Christmas Dinner is an easy and elegant menu for the holidays. Celebrate Christmas with this simple and flavorful menu of festive recipes.

Holiday Salad Recipes
Searching for delicious and easy holiday salad recipes? Recipes for holiday salads range from make ahead fruit salads to crunchy vegetable salads.

Traditional Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Menu
This traditional Christmas breakfast menu is mostly make-ahead, so it's easy on you. Swedish Tea Log and Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs help ease the morning rush with this special menu.

Easiest Christmas Breakfast Menu
Easiest Christmas Breakfast Menu

What Are Your Favorite Christmas Memories?
What are your favorite Christmas memories? Share them with the readers of Busy Cooks.

Curried Fish Fillets Holiday Dinner Menu
Curried Fish Fillets menu is a special holiday dinner menu that's super easy but special enough for company. Make this easy microwave main dish recipe to serve for guests during the holiday season.

The Weekend Cook: Let's Make Christmas Presents!
Searching for quick and easy recipes for the weekend before Christmas? The Weekend Cook: Let's Make Christmas Presents offers simple and delicious menus for the weekend so you can spend your time getting ready for the holidays.

Heirloom Holiday Recipes
Heirloom Holiday Recipes are easy, delicious, and very special. These special holiday recipes come from my grandmothers.

Blintzes for a Bunch Breakfst Menu
Searching for an easy holiday breakfast menu? Blintzes for a Bunch Breakfast Menu is a delicious and time saving make-ahead breakfast perfect for the holidays.

Finger Foods Christmas Breakfast Menu
Searching for an easy and fabulous breakfast menu for Christmas morning? This Finger Foods Christmas Breakfast Menu is a fun and quick choice for Christmas morning breakfast.

Steak Christmas Dinner Menu
Looking for an easy and special Christmas dinner menu? Steak is a great choice for any celebration, and this steak Christmas dinner menu is perfectly delicious.

Ham Dinner for Two
Searching for an easy alternative Christmas menu? This ham dinner for two menu Ham steak is a great choice for a celebration, including Grilled Cheese Bread and Chocolate Oatmeal Cake.

Turkey Tenderloin Holiday Menu
Searching for an alternative easy Christmas dinner menu? Turkey Tenderloin Christmas menu is a quick and delicious menu, including Turkey Cordon Bleu and Asparagus with Pesto Tomatoes.

Seafood Christmas Dinner Menu
Searching for an easy alternative Christmas dinner menu? This Seafood Christmas dinner menu is delicious and luscious, including Seafood in Patty Shells and Milky Way Cake.

Top Ten Christmas Breakfast Recipes
Searching for the best recipes for Christmas morning? These top ten Christmas breakfast recipes are perfect; all make ahead, and all special and delicious.

All About Christmas
Searching for Christmas gift ideas, cookie recipes, and menus? This collection of All About Christmas will tell you everything you need to know.

Christmas Dessert Recipes
Searching for fabulous desserts for Christmas? These easy and delicious Christmas dessert recipes range from a spectacular cake to a simple icebox treat.

Holiday Dinner Menu: Roasted Salmon and Potatoes
Make my delicious and easy special holiday dinner menu of Roasted Salmon and Potatoes to entertain with ease.

Fondue for Christmas Eve
Make some creamy and velvety cheese fondue for a cozy Christmas Eve dinner.

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