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Christmas Dinner Menus


Christmas Dinner Table

Christmas Dinner Table

Linda Larsen Honey Glazed Ham

Honey Glazed Ham

Linda Larsen Parker House Rolls

Parker House Rolls

Linda Larsen

Christmas dinner is traditionally ham, some kind of rich potato dish, elegant side dishes and lots of cookies for dessert. Some people like to serve a big roasted (or grilled) turkey with all of the trimmings. Others choose a simpler alternative menu that's special but easier on the cook and the budget! These Christmas dinner menus are perfect whichever route you choose. However you celebrate it, make sure to light the tree, build a big fire in the fireplace, turn on Christmas carols, and enjoy home with family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Dinner Menus

  • Christmas Memories
    Read on to learn about the unusual and special Christmas Eve dinner menu we had while I was growing up, plus the European version of Christmas Eve dinner my husband enjoyed while his family lived in Germany.
  • Easiest Ever Christmas Dinner Menu
    Serve a cold ham with a couple of elegant and easy sauces, some crockpot sides and make-ahead salads and you have a Christmas dinner that is not only delicious, but super easy to make!
  • A Cozy Christmas Dinner
    Delicious and rich Wild Rice Chowder is the centerpiece of this menu. It's perfect for eating around the glimmering Christmas tree, eyeing all the presents and enjoying your warm home.
  • Roast Beef Christmas Dinner
    The perfect pot roast (really!) is the center of this fabulous menu. Serve your favorite sides - mine are included here.
  • Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu
    This is the menu my family serves for Christmas dinner these days. The ham, rich potatoes, some special gelatin salads, my grandmother's infamous Parker House Rolls, and Christmas cookies are the perfect combination.
  • Alternative Christmas Menus
    These menus are perfect for smaller families, if you aren't serving a huge crowd, or if you're watching your budget. But that doesn't mean these recipes and menus aren't spectacular!
  • Crockpot Turkey Menu
    Cook a turkey breast in the crockpot to get moist and tender results. The wild rice stuffing cooked along with the breast is festive and delicious. A couple of special side dishes round out this menu.
  • Special Holiday Dinner Menus
    These special dinner menus are perfect for Christmas dinner too. Chicken Scampi and Curried Fish Fillets are two of the entree recipes in these fabulous menus.
  • Top Seven Christmas Ham Recipes
    These are the seven best recipes for ham that I know. They are easy to make, the glazes are spectacular, and you'll love them.
  • How to Heat a Ham
    Heating a ham can be unnerving. That big chunk of meat was expensive, and you want to serve it moist, tender, and juicy! With these tips and tricks you can.
  • Quick and Easy Roast Turkey Menu
    Hey, there's no reason why you can't serve Thanksgiving foods at Christmas! After all, these easy recipes are so delicious I'd happily eat them every week.

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