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Christmas Breakfast Menus

So You Can Relax!


Swedish Tea Log

Swedish Tea Log

Linda Larsen Blueberry-Muffin.jpg

Blueberry Muffin

Linda Larsen Scrambled Egg Breakfast

Scrambled Egg Breakfast

Linda Larsen

Christmas morning is usually filled with floating wisps of wrapping paper and lost instructions to complicated electronic gifts. So breakfast should be easy! These Christmas breakfast menus are mostly comprised of make-ahead foods so all you have to do is a bit of baking.

Think about setting up a buffet with all of these foods, keeping everything nice and toasty on warming plates (and in crockpots, of course!). If there are kids in your household, use sturdy (and I mean sturdy) paper plates and lots of napkins. Then everybody can browse and eat what they want, when they want. And present opening can continue!

Make sure you have lots of coffee, tea, and orange juice available, along with milk and chocolate milk for the kids. Keep some bottled and flavored water in a tub with some ice for thirsty present-openers.

Make Ahead Eggs and Muffins

I love this menu! Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs in Puff Pastry are served with a simple fruit salad and some blueberry muffins from a batter you can make a week ahead of time! Just bake and serve, and you get to eat too.


Traditional Christmas Morning Menu

Swedish Tea Log is one of those recipes you really have to make at least once in your lifetime. With my tips you can make it ahead of time too! Served with fluffy scrambled eggs and some tangy glazed bacon and sausage, this menu is memorable.


Blintzes for a Bunch Christmas Breakfast Menu

Blintzes baked in a casserole, and a crockpot egg dish that cooks overnight are two of the spectacular recipes in this delicious menu. Yum.


Finger Foods Christmas Breakfast

Crisp French toast sticks, tiny little quiches, a fresh tasting dip for fruits, and quiches made from waffles (really!) make up a wonderful make-ahead breakfast recipe everyone will love.


Easiest Christmas Breakfast Menu

This simple menu is so easy. Make the eggs and salad (and bread) ahead of time. Then on Christmas morning, all you have to do is bake the eggs, toast the bread, and set the salad on the table. Oh, and don't forget coffee and orange juice!


Five Ingredient Christmas Morning Menu

And what would a quick and easy menu collection be without a five ingredient menu? Each of these special recipes uses just five ingredients, but you'd never guess it by the results.

Merry Christmas!

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