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Cozy Christmas Dinner Menu

Soup and Scones by the Fireplace


Wild Rice Chowder

Wild Rice Chowder

Linda Larsen
It's almost here. Sometimes it seems the anticipation of Christmas is better than the day itself. And nothing warms the soul more on a cold and blustery day like a steaming bowl of soup. Whether you want a special menu for the days before Christmas or need an alternative menu idea for the traditional Christmas bash, this cozy Christmas dinner menu of soup and scones is perfect.

I've been making this soup recipe for years. It is savory, with tender wild rice, sweet corn and carrots, salty ham, and a creamy base. You can vary the ingredients a bit - use chicken instead of ham, or leave the meat out altogether. Use vegetable broth and you'll have a wonderful vegetarian soup. You can also tinker with the ingredient amounts. I add much more garlic than the recipe calls for. As Laurie Colwin, my cooking muse, says, "there is never enough garlic".

The scones are a perfect complement to the soup. They are tender and flavorful, especially when served hot just out of the oven. And the dessert - your own favorite Christmas cookies are the best.

Enjoy this meal. It's one of my absolute favorites. Eat it around a blazing fire in the fireplace, with Christmas lights twinkling and candles glowing. If you're really lucky, like me, there will be snow falling softly outside too. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Cozy Christmas Dinner Menu

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