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Alternative Christmas Menus

Quick and Easy Options



I have a collection of Alternative Thanksgiving Menus, so why not do the same for Christmas? Smaller families, people who have to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, and those who just don't want to cook a huge meal can all serve these menus with pride. These Alternative Christmas Menus are a bit special, yet easy enough to make in much less time.

Even if it's just one or two of you, you can still have turkey and ham for Christmas. Just use an alternate cut - a ham steak or turkey tenderloins or paillards. And if you can afford to splurge, steak is a fabulous choice for a holiday dinner.

Cherish Christmas with all your loved ones this year, and make it easier on yourself by serving one of these quick menus. Of course, you can mix and match to your heart's delight. Merry Christmas!


Steak Christmas Dinner

Serve steak for Christmas dinner and you'll be a hero! Almost everyone loves a juicy, well cooked steak, so why not add it to your holiday celebrations? I love this menu.


Five Ingredient Holiday Dinner Menu

A simple microwave salmon recipe is the centerpiece of this super easy menu. You'll love it!


Ham for Two or Just a Few

A ham steak comes to the rescue in this pretty and simple menu. It's complemented by a sugar snap pea recipe that's full of flavor, and a delicious grilled cheese bread.


Turkey Tenderloin Holiday Menu

If you love turkey but don't like wrestling with lots of leftovers, serve this fabulous menu on Christmas Day. Turkey tenderloins are easy to work with, and they are perfectly flavored in this simple recipe.


Seafood Christmas Dinner

This gorgeous menu is easy to make - really! It starts with premade puff pastry patty shells (how's that for alliteration?) that are filled with a simple rich seafood mixture.


Crockpot Christmas Dinner

And it wouldn't be a Busy Cooks site without a crockpot menu to round things out. This elegant menu uses three crockpots (ask for more for Christmas!) to turn out Beef Rouladen, Creamy Potatoes, and a rich Chocolate Fondue.

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