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Top 10 Christmas Cookies


These are the cookies I have to make every year for the holiday season. They include old family favorites, cookies that are a bit more labor-intensive, and heirloom recipes I just can't miss. From chocolate bonbons to roll-out decorated cookies to turtle candies in bar form, you'll love them too. Be sure to read Top Ten Tips for Making the Best Cookies before you begin!

1. Peanut Sitting-Pretties Thumbprint Cookies

Peanut Sitting-Pretty Cookies
Linda Larsen
These gorgeous little cookies are fussy to make, but once again you can break up the work and make them over a couple of days. The rich butter dough topped with frosting and candies makes one of the best cookies ever.

2. Butter Pecan Cookies

Butter Pecan Cookies
Linda Larsen
These little cookies are like turtle candy in bar form. They're easy to make, as long as you remember to cook the butter and sugar mixture until it comes together and forms a syrup. The buttery shortbread crust is a really nice addition to the chocolate and caramel.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bonbons

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bonbons
Linda Larsen
What could be better than chocolate and peanut butter? Believe it or not, add some dates! These chewy and creamy little candies are just wonderful. I forgot to make them last year, and we really missed them!

4. Peanut Blossom Cookies

Peanut Blossom Cookies
Linda Larsen
This classic cookie is my husband's favorite. The original recipe was too dry, so in this version I reduced the flour, changed the shortening to butter, and chill the dough. The cookies are soft and chewy, just perfect! Try making them with the new flavors of chocolate kisses, especially the peanut butter swirl. Yum.

5. Chocolate Mint Surprise Cookies

Chocolate Mint Surprise Cookies
Linda Larsen
I have to make these cookies every year for my husband's family. The brown sugar dough gets crisp around the edges, and the mint candy inside melts just enough to add a texture contrast.

6. Roll Out Butter Cookies

These delicate and tender cookies are the essence of Christmas. Make decorating them a family affair! Make the dough one day and chill it, then roll them out and bake the next, and finally get everyone together with bowls of frosting and candies to enjoy decorating.

7. Spritz Cookies

Spritz Cookies
Linda Larsen
These little cookies are a German Christmas classic. They are very simple cookies, but special because they're made with a cookie press. The secret to making these cookies is to have the dough well-chilled, and use cool, ungreasy cookie sheets.

8. Mexican Tea Cakes

Mexican Tea Cakes
Linda Larsen
And finally, this simple cookie was one of the first I ever made. Tender shortbread is rolled while hot in powdered sugar to create a thin icing, then a second coating in sugar when the cookies are cool seals in the rich taste. You can fill these with everything from pecan halves to chocolate kisses.

9. Caramel Cream Cookies

Caramel Cream Cookies
Linda Larsen
After making these for years as a sandwich cookie, I tried a new way. Don't make them into sandwich cookies! Shape and bake the cookies just as directed, but just frost the tops with the browned butter frosting. This gives you a better cookie/frosting ratio and also yields twice the number of cookies!

10. Easy but Fancy Cookies

Easy But Fancy Cookies
Linda Larsen
It's hard to believe that these crunchy and crisp little cookies use just five ingredients. They're rich and delicious, and the chocolate topping is the perfect addition.

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