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Top Ten Best Quick Cook Cookbooks


So many cookbooks are published each year. And many specialize in making meals as quickly as possible. These books are my top choices for excellent advice, foolproof recipes, and useful tips and ideas. These books will never let you down. Depend on them to get you out of tight spots, whether you're entertaining or just getting dinner on the table when you get home at 5:00.

1. Pillsbury 30 Minute Meals

Pillsbury 30 Minute Meals
Well, by now you know how much I trust Pillsbury's books. I worked there and know how carefully and rigorously each recipe is tested before it can be published under the Pillsbury name. This book is even more valuable because there are fully planned meals laid out for you, so all you have to do is shop and cook! (And clean up too, unfortunately.)
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2. Betty Crocker's Cook It Quick

Betty Crocker's Cook It Quick
One of the best parts of this cookbook is the "Fix It Faster" section. This is a collection of tips on how to cut down each recipe's preparation time even more. And the recipes are fabulous, well tested, delicious family favorites that even kids will like!
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3. Healthy 1-2-3

Rozanne Gold is the queen of 3 ingredients or less. She has written many books with this qualification, and all of her recipes work. These recipes are low in fat and calories, and high in nutrients to make you a healthy quick cook.
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4. Desperation Dinners

Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross met at their children's preschool. During a conversation about the difficulty of feeding their families quickly and easily, they developed the idea of 'desperation dinners'. This blossomed into a syndicated newspaper column with great recipes they actually tested with stopwatches. Family classics, updated recipes and lots of advice make this cookbook valuable.
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5. The Instant Gourmet

This excellent book relies on fresh foods and layering flavors to make delicious meals in minutes. Recipes cover appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts.
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6. Desperation Entertaining!

Mills and Ross do it again in this book about entertaining quickly and easily. The organization of the book is really excellent. Within each chapter, you can choose from very quick recipes or those that require more time to make (but are often make ahead). Kid friendly recipes are highlighted.
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7. The Best 30-Minute Recipe: Cook's Illustrated

Cook's Illustrated is the magazine to read if you want to learn the ins and outs of cooking, and this collection of 30 minute recipes is fabulous. Each recipe has been specifically developed to deliver perfection, and the recipe developer walks you through all the steps he or she takes to make it happen. You can learn more about cooking reading this book than if you spent hours in a cooking class.
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8. The Can Opener Gourmet

With this cookbook in your collection and a well-stocked pantry, you will never be stuck wondering what's for dinner at 5:30 PM. Did you ever think you could prepare Fettuccine with Pumpkin Cream Sauce out of cans and jars?
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9. The Four Ingredient Cookbook

This excellent cookbook has more than 700 recipes, all using four ingredients or fewer. The recipes include Sweet and Sour Chicken, Crabmeat Casserole, and Beer Batter Bread. The spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat makes it easy to use in the kitchen too.
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10. Quick Meals for Healthy Kids and Busy Parents

The best part about this book is that it is written by three dieticians who are working mothers. You can be assured that the recipes are healthy, the nutrition information is accurate and up to date, and that your kids will actually eat these foods! More than 140 recipes are included.
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