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Cooking Lessons and Email Classes

Whether you are a beginning cook or an expert, everyone can learn more about cooking. Learn the science behind cooking and baking, find step by step directions about working with different ingredients and appliances, learn how to shop and organize, and sign up for email cooking courses.
  1. Cooking Methods (8)
  2. Email Classes (28)
  3. Glossary (47)
  4. How to Bake (51)
  5. How to Cook (52)
  6. Learn About Food Safety (4)
  7. Step by Step Recipes (16)

Busy Cooks How Tos
These step by step instructions will teach you how to do everything from fillet a fish to frost a cake.

How to Read a Recipe
How to read a recipe teaches you, step by step, how to understand instructions and ingredient lists in baking and cooking recipes. Learn how to read a recipe.

Meal Planning
Learn how to plan a meal using pantry staples, what's in your freezer, and what is in season and on sale at the grocery store. How to plan a meal.

Stock Your Kitchen
Basic list of kitchen equipment needed to start cooking. Kitchen utensils, tools, and equipment you need to start baking.

How to Grocery Shop
Everyone needs to shop for groceries. Learn how to compare prices, get the best value for your money, and avoid impulse buying traps that are designed right into your local supermarket.

Basics of Cooking Lesson Series
Learn a new cooking skill, brush up on your cooking techniques, or start at the very beginning in the kitchen with this series of cooking lessons at Busy Cooks.

Busy Cooks History
Searching for easy and delicious recipes? Learn about the history of quick cooking, starting with World War II and the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

Beginning Cooks: Check in Here!
A collection of articles, how tos, and tips for beginning cooks. Getting started in the kitchen for beginning cooks with information, cooking lessons, and hints.

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