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Crockpot Jambalaya Special Holiday Dinner Menu


Jambalaya is such a festive recipe, and it usually takes quite a while to make, with many separate steps. But not if you cook it in your slow cooker! I think the blending of flavors in the crockpot makes this celebratory dish even better.

To start, Filo Onion Rolls are a delicious make ahead recipe that you make the day before then pop into the oven just as your guests arrive. Soft garlic breadsticks are the perfect complement for this hearty, yet delicate main dish. And they're so easy to make using refrigerated dough. A crisp green salad is a must with this menu, for contrast in flavor and texture. And for dessert, one of my favorite pies of all time, Lemon Truffle Pie.

Enjoy this wonderful menu with your family and friends.


Crockpot Jambalaya Special Holiday Dinner Menu

  • Filo Onion Rolls
    This appetizer recipe also freeze beautifully before baking. Just bake them, while they are still frozen, for about another 10 minutes until golden brown.
  • Crockpot Jambalaya
    You can vary the types of peppers you use in this simple recipe to make a holiday table sparkle.
  • Pomegranate Romaine Salad
    This beautiful salad is the perfect choice for this celebration meal.
  • Soft Garlicky Breadsticks
    These breadsticks remind me of the ones I used to buy from a soup chain when I was working in downtown Minneapolis.
  • Lemon Truffled Pie
    You just might want to make two of these pies, because they are so good. When I once made it for eight people, everybody wanted more!

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