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Dinner Party Menus

These easy, reliable, and delicious menus are fancy enough for the holiday dinner parties and entertaining, and simple enough for less stress on you.

On Your Mark
Learn how to plan a dinner party, start to finish. Plan for a dinner party, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, or other holiday, including preparation tips, timing, and organization.

Holiday Dinner: Salmon Filets
Searching for a fabulous and easy special holiday dinner menu? Salmon filets are the centerpiece of this delicious dinner, paired with Stuffed Potatoes and Mini Cranberry Filo Shells.

Buffet Entertaining
Entertaining is very easy when you set up a buffet with make ahead recipes: for soups, salads, sandwiches, and tostadas. These four party choices are fun, quick, simple, and delicious.

How to Plan a Dinner Party
This step by step planning guide will teach you how to plan a dinner party. From lists to a complete timetable with a sample menu, everything you need to know to throw a fabulous gathering is covered.

Entertaining Menu: Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp scampi, one of my favorite dishes, is the star of this elegant dinner menu, which includes rice pilaf, garlic bread, and some unbelievably good chocolate crepes.

Elegant Dinner Menu: Roast Chicken
For a wonderful celebratory dinner, roast a chicken with lemon and garlic and serve it with cheesy, creamy potatoes, tender asparagus, a cool winter fruit salad, and a walnut torte for dessert.

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff
My favorite special dinner menu features Beef Stroganoff made in your slow cooker, along with buttered noodles, endive and pea salad, and a Chocolate Macaroon Bundt cake for dessert.

Elegant Dinner Menu: Rack of Lamb
This menu features a delicious rack of lamb glazed with a honey, lemon, and garlic sauce, along with baby glazed carrots and an incredible white chocolate cake.

Beef Tenderloin Dinner
When you really want to make a special dinner that's delicious yet easy on you, turn to this menu. Beef tenderloin is an expensive cut, but there is absolutely no waste and the texture and flavor are incomparable. Side dishes include creamy crockpot potatoes, a fresh greens and pomegranate salad, and an absolutely spectacular pecan pie for dessert.

Roast Pork Dinner
Boneless pork loin roasts are a fairly inexpensive, delicious cut of meat. I love the seasoning on this roast; it really complements the succulent flavor of pork. Scalloped carrots and a beautiful spinach salad are festive side dishes. And Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake is one of the best dessert recipes you'll ever make; trust me!

Elegant Dinner Party: Salmon Steaks
Salmon steaks are a super easy and festive centerpiece to this holiday entertaining menu. They are marinated ahead of time, but cooked at the last minute. The broiler can also be used to warm up soft garlicky breadsticks made from refrigerated dinner roll dough. And Pecan Caramel Tart is an easy pie pecan lovers will adore

Quick and Easy Tostada Buffet Menu
Searching for a fun buffet menu idea? Make this tostada party buffet menu to treat your guests, including delicious recipes such as Chicken Tostadas.

Make Ahead Soup Buffet Party
Searching for a fabulous buffet party menu? This make ahead soup buffet party menu features choices of soups, beads, and salads for a wonderful and easy party.

Lemon Turkey Tenderloin Menu
Lemon Turkey Tenderloin menu is a special combination of recipes that make a delicious alternate Thanksgiving menu or a special holiday dinner menu.

Curried Fish Fillets Holiday Dinner Menu
Curried Fish Fillets menu is a special holiday dinner menu that's super easy but special enough for company. Make this easy microwave main dish recipe to serve for guests during the holiday season.

Chicken Scampi Special Dinner Menu
Searching for a fabulous menu for the holidays? Chicken Scampi holiday dinner menu is special and delicious, including Pesto Rice and some luscious brownies.

Make Ahead Sandwich Buffet Party
Searching for an easy way to entertain a crowd? Make my delicious make ahead sandwich buffet party to entertain with ease.

Quick and Easy Salad Buffet Menu
Searching for a fabulous spring or summer buffet idea? Make this quick and easy salad buffet menu to delight guests, with recipes such as Mexican Chicken Salad and Turkey Salad with Raspberry Mint Dressing.

Special Holiday Dinner Menu: Baked Tortellini with Three Sauces
Searching for an easy and delicious holiday dinner menu? Make these recipes, featuring Baked Tortellini with Three Sauces and a fabulously decadent, yet simple, cake.

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