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Eighty 30 Minute Main Dish Recipes!



Sirloin Steak and Corn Salad

Linda Larsen Spaghetti-Carbonara.jpg

Spaghetti Carbonara

Linda Larsen Baked Salmon Fillet

Baked Salmon Fillet

Linda Larsen

If you have thirty minutes, you can make a delicious and healthy main dish that your family will love. All it takes is a little organization and some preparation ahead of time. Make sure you have ingredients for these wonderful and delicious recipes on hand, then keep a list of your favorites on your pantry door. When you're too tired to cook, turn to this collection to feed your family well.

These 80 (actually 85) tempting recipes are all very versatile. You can make the Seafood in Patty Shells recipe with chopped ham instead of the shrimp and crab, or use chicken. Tropical Beef can become Tropical Chicken or Tropical Red Snapper. Use your imagination and 'taste' the recipe in your mind. And be sure to write down all of your successes so you can recreate them!

And remember to read through my tips for making quick meals, including using convenience products, building a repertoire of easy dependable recipes, and using leftovers wisely and judiciously.

Enjoy these easy and fast recipes this week.

Eighty 30 Minute Main Dish Recipes!


30 Minute Seafood Recipes

Seafood is a naturally quick cooking food. And these fabulous recipes take advantage of that built-in attribute. Whether you want to start with shrimp, scallops, crabmeat, salmon, or white fish fillets, turn to these wonderful meals for dinner in a hurry.


Vegetarian 30 Minute Recipes

Vegetarian meals are delicious, interesting, and fun to make. Plus they're inexpensive! Try Linguine with Tomato Cream Sauce, Fried Pierogies with Butternut Squash, or Pasta Frittata for dinner tonight.


Beef and Lamb 30 Minute Recipes

Beef and lamb are wonderful meats to eat, but cooking time can take a while. Not with these easy recipes! Enjoy Beefy Spaghetti, Pineapple Lamb Chops, and Steak Diane Stir-Fry in about half an hour.


Chicken Thirty Minute Recipes

Chicken makes up the bulk of most consumer's meat cooking. These cuts are inexpensive, delicious, and pair well with just about any other ingredient. These quick and easy recipe are perfect, whether you prefer chicken tenders, boneless skinless chicken breasts, bone-in chicken thighs, or ground chicken.


30 Minute Ham and Pork Recipes

Whether you start with bacon, pork chops, or a fully cooked ham, these delicious and easy recipes are satisfying and simple. You can use these ingredients in soups, salads, casseroles, and kabobs. Enjoy every bite.

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