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Cheesy Frittata Dinner for Ten Dollars


Pasta Frittata

Pasta Frittata

Linda Larsen
This simple meal is very easy to make. The frittata is comforting and filling and a good way to use up leftovers. And the side dishes are easy and delicious. You'll make this recipe a lot during all of the seasons, but especially during the school year. Enjoy!
  • Cheesy Pasta Frittata
    Make a little extra of Pasta with Garlic and Cheese and save it in a plastic bag in the fridge to make this easy frittata. Be sure to look through How to make Pasta Frittata before you begin. Cost for four servings: $5.08
  • Scandinavian Cucumbers
    I love this simple recipe. The crunch of the cucumbers is paired with suave sour cream flavored with dill. Yum. Cost for four servings: $2.09
  • Peas and Corn
    This simple combination is beautiful and flavorful. It will become a staple at your house! Cost for four servings: $1.04
  • Simple Chocolate Cake
    A sheet cake is always a nice thing to have on hand, and this one, with its deep chocolate flavor, is inexpensive too. Cost for four servings: $1.50

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