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Alternative Easter Menus


Ham Filo Roll

Ham Filo Roll

Linda Larsen Chocolate Pecan Caramel Pie

Chocolate Pecan Caramel Pie

Linda Larsen Buttered Baby Carrots

Buttered Baby Carrots

Linda Larsen

If you are feeding only a few people for Easter, or don't have the money or time to cook a whole ham, turn to these quick and easy recipes that make up some alternative Easter menus.

Easter is usually celebrated with a ham, potatoes, fruit salad, and dessert. But you can serve a roasted turkey or grilled steaks if you'd prefer. The point is to buy what looks good in the supermarket and think about using new and different recipes and foods to celebrate traditional holidays.

Browse through these recipes and menus and start planning your Easter celebration.

Have a wonderful holiday meal with family and friends.


Alternative Easter Menus

Make Ahead Easter Brunch Menu

A delicious stuffed French toast bake is the centerpiece of this easy menu. Serve mimosas to accompany this meal - just pour equal amounts of orange juice and champagne (for the adults) or sparkling cider (for the kids) into champagne flutes.

Five Ingredient Easter Dinner

This easy menu uses the crockpot, the grill, and your fridge and freezer for last-minute and make-ahead recipes that all use five ingredients or less. But you'd never know it, because they're all delicious.

Easter Dinner for Three or Four

For a smaller gathering, a ham steak is the perfect choice. This elegant menu is perfect for any celebration, as a matter of fact. The recipes are a bit more adventurous, but still homey and satisfying.

Grilled Easter Dinner

Start dreaming about summer by cooking Easter dinner on the grill. These easy recipes will let you enjoy the day with family and friends, especially if someone else in the gathering loves to grill and will take over.

Sunrise Easter Breakfast

You can have breakfast in two parts in this easy menu. Make the quick breads the day before to nibble on your way to the early service, then come home and have scrambled eggs and stuffed peaches. What a great idea.

Non-Traditional Easter Dinner

A beautiful filo dough roll filled with ham, rice, and vegetables is the centerpiece of this easy meal. All the recipes are easy, but all have special touches, like the asparagus served with the ingredients for Caesar salad dressing. Yum.

Crockpot Beef Roast Easter Dinner

A pot roast might not be traditional for Easter, but it sure is good. This menu is especially appropriate when it's cold and rainy (or snowy!) outside. The entree and all of the side dishes, except the salad and the decadent dessert, are cooked in the crockpot.

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