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Top 10 Fish Recipes for Lent


Fish is traditionally served for Lent, especially on Fridays. The Catholic church no longer demands this practice, but it has continued. It's actually a great idea to serve fish at least once a week, especially fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Fish is so good for you: it's full of protein and vitamins, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. And it's low in fat. These quick and easy recipes are a perfect choice for Lent or any time.

1. Grilled Dilled Salmon

Grilled Dilled Salmon
Linda Larsen

A simple marinade of dill and lemon adds wonderful flavor to grilled salmon. Be sure that you scrub the grill grate and lightly oil it before you add the salmon so it doesn't stick. Or use a grill basket to keep the tender fish intact.

2. Fillet of Sole with Grapes

Fillet of Sole with Grapes
Linda Larsen

This simple recipe pairs tender, moist fish with sweet grapes and crunchy sliced almonds. It's perfect for entertaining.

3. Fish Fillets with Broccoli Slaw

Fish Fillets with Broccoli Slaw
Linda Larsen

Purchase broccoli slaw in the prepared salad section of your grocery store. It is made of julienned broccoli stems and usually red cabbage and carrots. It makes a wonderful salad to go on top of the hot and moist fish in this easy recipe.

4. Crockpot Salmon with Caramelized Onions and Carrots

Crockpot Salmon Filet
Linda Larsen

This super easy recipe combines sweet caramelized vegetables with perfectly cooked salmon. I thought this would work in the crockpot, but I wasn't sure until I tried it. Now it's one of my favorite recipes.

5. Microwave Salmon with Orange Sauce

Microwave Salmon with Orange Sauce
Linda Larsen

This super easy recipe is ready to eat in under 15 minutes. All you need is salmon and orange juice and a microwave oven!

6. Tangy Glazed Fish Fillets

Tangy Glazed Fish Fillets
Linda Larsen

There are a lot of ingredients in this recipe, in small amounts. But they all add up to make a fabulous slightly spicy, flavorful sauce that is perfect with mild fish. Watch the fish carefully while it's broiling. The sauce will get dark in spots; that's okay. Just don't let it burn.

7. Fish and Slaw Tostadas

Fish and Slaw Tostadas
Linda Larsen

Crisp homemade coleslaw tops hot and tender fish sticks and crisp fried tortillas in this excellent recipe. I love the combination of hot fish with the cool and crunchy slaw.

8. Fish 'n Chips Dinner

Fish 'n Chips Dinner
Linda Larsen

This meal really does cost just ten dollars: I priced it last week in the supermarket. It's a great combination of textures and flavors, and it will satisfy any meat lover.

9. Spinach Rice Fish Roll-Ups

Spinach and Rice Fish Rollups
Linda Larsen

This beautiful recipe is easy to make and fun to serve. The spinach and rice filling is the perfect complement to the tender and flaky fish. And I love that it's a microwave recipe.

10. Pesto Salmon Pasta

Salmon Pesto Pasta
Linda Larsen

And finally, you'll need a recipe to use up all that salmon! This recipe can be made with any cooked fish. It's creamy, rich, wonderfully delicious, and so easy.

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