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Fall Menus and Recipes

These casseroles, crockpot recipes, and recipes celebrating the fruits of the new fall season are all foolproof and delicious.
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Halloween Recipes and Menus
Celebrate this fun and spooky holiday with lots of delicious and easy recipes. Find recipes for Swamp Dip, The Great Pumpkin Cheese Ball, easy recipes to make before trick or treating, and recipes that use leftover candy.

Apple Recipes
Searching for quick and easy apple recipes? These delicious apple recipes are one of the best parts of fall, including Salmon Apple Salad and Minute Apple Tart.

Indian Summer
This edition of The Weekend Cook celebrates the flavors of fall. Apples and pears, naturally, are the foods I immediately think of for fall recipes and munching, so these flavors are featured in a weekend's worth of menus.

Meatloaf Madness
As the weather turns colder, cooks start thinking about comforting, filling foods. Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food. Try Palpettoni, Mexican Meatloaf, or My Mom's Meatloaf for dinner tonight.

Disaster Meals
Are you prepared for a disaster? From tornadoes in the summer to earthquakes anytime to hurricanes in the fall, Mother Nature can take us by surprise. Take some time and think about your own emergency preparedness. There are foods you can store, recipes to collect, and things to do that will help keep you and your family safe even in the worst emergency.

Thanksgiving Shortcuts and Recipes
If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, these hints, recipes, and tips will help you host a gracious dinner with minimum fuss. Last minute, make ahead, and crockpot recipes are designed for maximum flavor.

Holiday Help Lines
These handy helplines, sponsored by major food companies and federations, are staffed by professional Home Economists who can help you with just about any cooking or baking question.

First Weekend of Fall Recipes and Menus
Searching for easy recipes for fall? For the first weekend of fall, The Weekend Cook offers these quick and easy recipes and menus that are nutritious, comforting, and family favorites.

Pear Recipes
Pears come into season in fall. These juicy and delicious fruits are great in every course, from main dishes to salads to desserts.

Best Fall Recipes
Searching for the best recipes for fall? These delicious and easy best fall recipes use the fruits of the season, like apples and pears, and include more warming and comforting recipes, such as crockpot recipes, soups, and stews.

Top Favorite Fall Recipes
Searching for the best fall recipes? These top 10 favorite recipes for fall are all quick and easy, including California Gold Bars and My Mom's Meatloaf.

Best Fall Chicken Recipes
Searching for the best chicken recipes for fall? These best fall chicken recipes include Butter Chicken, Honey Nut Chicken, and Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf.

Tips for Tailgating before a sports event, including food safety tips, fabulous and easy recipes, and the best ways to have more fun.

Top 10 Fall Main Dish Salad Recipes
These delicious and simple top 10 fall main dish salad recipes are perfect for warmer days of the season, including Ravioli and Wild Rice Salad.

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