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Puppy Meat Loaf Supplemental Nutrition

For Your Dog or Cat




Linda Larsen
In 1973, my family adopted a German Shepherd puppy named Schafee from Chell and Pat Peterson. These wonderful people bred German Shepherd dogs and trained Schutzhund dogs.

Mrs. Peterson developed a recipe she called Puppy Meat Loaf for supplementing regular food. She fed this food to the puppies along with their kibble.

Many people are concerned about the safety of canned and pouch dog and cat foods (see FDA Recall Products List for recall information) and treats and are turning to homemade foods. And there are lots of recipes for homemade dog treats too:

It's important to check with your veterinarian before you change your pet's food. Show your vet the recipe. This food isn't meant to totally replace dog or cat food, since they have special nutritional requirements (cats, for instance, need taurine, an amino acid, in a certain proportion). This is meant to supplement their regular food. We feed our cats wet food as a treat, and I am using this recipe instead of buying commercial brands.

If your pet is allergic to wheat, leave out the bread and wheat germ and increase the oatmeal and rice amounts by 50%; and add some oat bran. If she's allergic to dairy, omit the eggs, cottage cheese, and dry milk, add more ground meat and rice, and about 1/2 cup of water. These proportions are variable too; you really can't ruin this recipe. The main ingredients of rice, oatmeal and ground beef, are basic foods that many pets tolerate well. You could substitute ground chicken or turkey for the ground beef too.

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