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Best Christmas Ham Recipes

The Top Seven


Ham is traditional for Christmas. The sweet and salty meat can be prepared so many ways. Unfortunately, many hams are dried out by the time they get to the table. Not with these recipes! The crockpot is an excellent way to reheat a ham, and glazes that are spooned over the ham as it roasts add flavor and moisture. Be sure to read How to Heat a Ham before you get started. And if you change a recipe, even a little bit, be sure to write it down! You'll most likely want to recreate your masterpiece next year.

1. Honey Butter Ham

Lauri Patterson/Vetta/Getty Images
This is the ham glaze my mother made when I was little. I think it's the perfect combination of flavors, although I did add some Dijon mustard for a little spicy note. You can place the glaze from the roasting pan in a gravy boat and pass it with the ham for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Chutney Glazed Ham

Chutney Glazed Ham
Linda Larsen
Garlic, chutney, orange, and Dijon mustard combine to make a spectacular glaze for a spiral sliced ham. You can even add the glaze the spiral-sliced-ham people give you to this recipe for extra flavor.

3. Spiced Apricot Ham

Spiced Apricot Ham
Linda Larsen
Apricot preserves, honey, and spices add marvelous flavor to a tender ham. This is an excellent recipe to use on plain hams or spiral sliced hams.

4. Honey Glazed Ham

Honey Ham
Linda Larsen
Honey, cardamom, and orange juice add rich flavor to this glazed ham recipe. Slice it to serve with the whole cloves still attached because it looks so pretty, but tell your guests not to eat the cloves!

5. Crockpot Honey Mustard Ham

The crockpot is a wonderful way to make ham. Your house is going to smell incredible when this super easy recipe is cooking away. And the ham turns out very moist and tender.

6. Crockpot Pineapple Glazed Ham

Apple jelly, pineapple, and lemon are the highlighted flavors of this easy recipe. Make sure your ham fits in the crockpot before you start making the recipe! If it's too big, cut it in half or cut off about one-third of the ham and freeze it for later use.

7. Grilled Orange Ginger Ham

And finally, think about grilling your ham this year! Fresh ginger root, ground ginger, and orange juice add flavor to this smoky ham. This recipe is an easy way to get the men involved - just send them out to the grill!

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