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Five Ingredient Casseroles


Shepherd's Pie
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Casseroles are delicious, quick to make, and can serve as a one-dish meal. To me, they mean a combination of meat, pasta, rice, beans, or veggies with a sauce and perhaps a topping, baked in the oven until bubbly. These five ingredient casserole recipes make these wonderful dishes even better.

I have a large collection of casserole recipes and have altered many of them to use only five ingredients. You, of course, are free to add more ingredients!

To save even more time, most casseroles freeze very well. Think about doubling a favorite recipe and freezing half for a later time. Check out Freezing Tips and Freeze Ahead Casseroles for more information. Having a casserole ready and waiting for you is one of the best time savers in the kitchen, bar none.

Five Ingredient Casserole Recipes

  • Shepherd's Pie
    This rich and comforting pie is super easy. You could use mashed potatoes made from the dry flakes if you'd like.
  • Easy Lasagna
    Chunky pasta sauce with vegetables is the secret ingredient to this delicious lasagna. You can, of course, add more vegetables if you'd like.
  • Chicken Manicotti
    I love making this casserole because it's so fun to assemble. And it tastes great too.
  • Chicken Rice Casserole
    A package of rice and wild rice mix is just one of the shortcut ingredients in this simple and delicious recipe.
  • Ziti Chicken Casserole
    Substitute any tubular pasta for the ziti in this easy recipe if you'd like. You could also use your favorite cheese if Muenster isn't your thing.
  • Meatball Casserole
    Frozen meatballs, that wonderful convenience food, is the perfect shortcut in this easy recipe.
  • Fish and Spinach Souffle
    Frozen spinach souffle isn't an ingredients that gets used much, but it's an excellent food. Combine it with mild fish fillets and Italian ingredients for a great recipe.
  • Hash Brown Pork Bake
    Pork chops and potatoes are a natural combination, made even better when they're baked in a creamy mustard sauce.
  • Old Fashioned Goulash
    Condensed tomato soup adds a delicious tang to this super simple recipe. Kids love it!
  • Chicken Tortellini Casserole
    This simple recipe is one of my favorites. You could use plain or garlic-flavored Alfredo sauce if you'd like.
  • Meaty Hash Brown Potato Casserole
    Hash brown potatoes and frozen meatballs again come to the rescue in this wonderful casserole. Add a cup or two of frozen vegetables for more nutrition.
  • Chili Rice Casserole
    Now this is a classic! If you like it really spicy, use canned jalapenos and Pepper Jack cheese, plus add some crushed red pepper flakes.
  • Chicken Divan Casserole
    Broccoli in butter sauce adds great flavor and color to this simple casserole. Ham would be a good substitute for the chicken.
  • Fish Fillet and Bean Bake
    Beans are so good for you and so delicious. Paired with some mild fish and salsa and you have a delicious meal that's really healthy too.
  • Ham and Polenta Casserole
    Prepared polenta can usually be found in the refrigerated produce aisle of your supermarket. If they don't stock it, ask! Grocers will order foods you request.
  • Wild Rice Turkey Bake
    Spinach, broccoli, or baby peas could be used instead of the green beans in this simple casserole.
  • Tuna Alfredo Casserole
    Alfredo sauce, again, makes this delicious casserole easy with lots of flavor. I'd add some corn and red bell peppers to this one.
  • Mac and Cheese Casserole
    Any medium or small pasta will work well in this recipe; just make sure it has some holes or ridges to hold onto the sauce.
  • Reuben Casserole
    And finally, a tart apple cuts through the richness of these ingredients in this casserole that tastes just like a Reuben sandwich.

Most of these recipes are very easy to make ahead (unless the meat has been only partially cooked). Just assemble them when you're in the kitchen, cover tightly with foil and refrigerate. When you're ready to eat, just pull the dish out of the fridge and bake, adding 10-15 minutes to the recipe's baking time. All you need is a salad and some bread and you have an excellent meal on the table in minutes.

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