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Five Ingredient Dessert Recipes

Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and More



Mock Dobos Torte

Linda Larsen

Chocolate icebox Dessert

Linda Larsen

Cookie Brittle

Linda Larsen

Everybody loves dessert. But in the busy rush of today's lifestyles, dessert often gets relegated to third or fourth place. Not with these recipes! All of these five ingredient dessert recipes, for cakes, cookies, and pies, are super simple and fast.

Since these are mostly baking recipes, be sure to follow instructions carefully and don't substitute ingredients unless the recipe says it's okay. These treats are so easy to make that even non-bakers can make them! They are ideal for beginning cooks, especially young children, to make - as long as Mom or Dad is around to supervise the stovetop and oven.

Remember, all of my five ingredient recipes do not include flour, sugar, water, oil, salt, or seasonings, including vanilla. If you don't have those things on hand, you can't bake anything! So with just a few minutes and a few ingredients, serve dessert to your family this week. They'll love it!


Five Ingredient Dessert Recipes


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