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Five Ingredients or Less

One of the best ways to get in and out of the kitchen quickly is to limit the number of ingredients in each recipe. Five ingredients seems to be the magic number! All of these recipes use fewer ingredients yet still offer wonderful taste and good nutrition.
  1. Five Ingredient Recipes (23)
  2. Four Ingredient Recipes (3)
  3. Three Ingredient Recipes (2)

400 Five Ingredient Recipes
Collection of more than 400 delicious and easy five ingredient recipes, including appetizers, desserts, cookies, cakes, entrees, salads, soups, side dishes, and sandwiches recipes.

Five Ingredient or Less Recipe Box
This recipe box has been divided into traditional sections. From appetizers to desserts to entrees to salads, you'll find the quickest and easiest recipes of all.

Five Ingredient Meals!
Yes, you read that correctly - five ingredient meals. With the large number of three and four ingredient recipes at the site, it's easy to whip up a meal using just five ingredients. These meals are all new - and all delicious.

Two Ingredient Recipes
These unbelievably simple, delicious, and quick two ingredient recipes are the ultimate in quick cooking, such as Salsa Chicken, Cookie Bark, and Pesto Peas.

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