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600 Five Ingredients or Less Recipes

Fast and Delicious


Chocolate covered strawberries
Lisa Romerein/Photodisc/Getty Images
Microwave Salmon with Orange Sauce

Microwave Salmon with Orange Sauce

Linda Larsen
Mexican Crockpot Pork

Mexican Crockpot Pork

Linda Larsen

When you cut right to the chase, the best way to save time in the kitchen is to reduce the number of ingredients in each recipe. That automatically limits the time you spend measuring, washing, chopping, stirring, and grating for any recipe. This collection of more than 550 five ingredient recipes proves the point - and they're all delicious.

Of course, you can certainly add more ingredients to any recipe, as your tastes, budget, and time allows. In fact, that's an excellent way to expand your repertoire - look through your favorite five ingredient recipes and see how many you can make your own with the judicious addition of an ingredient or two.

Enjoy these recipes and spend less time in the kitchen this week and forever!

600 Five Ingredient Recipes

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