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My Favorite Fourth of July Menu



All American Burgers

Linda Larsen Brownie-Flag.jpg

Brownie Flag

Linda Larsen My-Mother-s-Potato-Salad.jpg

My Mother's Potato Salad

Linda Larsen

Everyone has their favorite menus for entertaining. This is my favorite July 4th menu. It's classic, delicious, and quick and easy too.

A delicious burger really is the classic American summer food. This recipe is super juicy and tender, even though it's cooked well-done. Adding a bit of water to the ground beef is the secret! Top with cheese, mustard and some crisp lettuce for a fabulous treat. My Mother's Potato salad is simply the best, and required at all summer gatherings. And what could be more patriotic than a brownie decorated to look like a flag?

And have fun decorating! Hang bunting on your porch, fly at least two flags, set your table in red, white, and blue, and enjoy America's birthday.


My Favorite Fourth of July Menu

  • All-American Burgers
    These burgers are the perfect choice for the Fourth of July. They're meaty, tender, and juicy, perfect with melted cheese and ripe sliced tomatoes. I like to put mayonnaise and mustard on mine, but you can use any classic hamburger topping.
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
    Corn on the cob takes on a new flavor and texture when it's grilled. The smokiness of the grill combined with the sweet and crisp corn is irresistible.
  • My Mother's Potato Salad
    Well, there's nothing like My Mother's Potato Salad. It's creamy, rich, perfectly flavored, and absolutely addicting.
  • Best Berry Salad
    The best berries of the season combine in a gorgeous, colorful, and flavorful salad that everyone will love.
  • Potato chips! Every summer holiday meal should have potato chips. No exceptions.
  • Brownie Flag
    What could be better than a fudgy, moist brownie? A fudgy, moist brownie decorated to look like an American flag! Let the kids frost and decorate the brownie; they'll love it!

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