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Freezing and Refrigerating Food

Find great information about freezing food, get fabulous recipes, and learn which foods freeze and the ones that don't handle the chill.

Does Refrigeration Prevent Bacterial Growth in Food?
Does Refrigeration Prevent Bacterial Growth in Food? Boiling marinade kills bacteria, but will not kill toxins. How safe is your marinated meat?

Freezer Breakfast Recipes
Take a little time to make these breakfast recipes ahead of time and keep them in your freezer. Then, in the morning, just pull them out and zap in the microwave or toaster oven for instant breakfast.

To Chill or Not to Chill?
Foods need to be properly stored. Do you know which foods should always be refrigerated and those that should never be put in the icebox? These printable charts will help you keep things nice and orderly in your kitchen.

Fill Your Freezer
My article "Your Personal Mise En Place" has a chart all about filling your freezer with delicious foods that can be used for many quick and easy meals.

How to OAMC
Thinking about tackling OAMC? These tips, hints, and links to the best sites around the internet will get you started on the road to success.

Freeze Ahead Holiday Foods
Now is the time to start making foods for the holidays and freezing them. You will be ready for drop-in guests, impromptu parties, weekend guests, and last-minute entertaining with these easy and foolproof recipes. Try Shrimp Puffs, Double Corn Chowder, and Divinity Frozen Fruit Salad this week!

Freezable Vegetarian Main Dishes
Whether you are eating more meatless meals because of health reasons, as a moral choice, or just because it's cheaper, here are some great make ahead freezable vegetarian recipes.

Real Food for Real People Freezer Recipes
These excellent recipes for OAMC include Sour Cream Chocolate Muffins, Grilled Marinated Steak, Easy Chicken Quesadillas and many more.

Cooking for the Month
A collection of freezable make-ahead recipes from the Kitchen Project, plus top ten tips for using the freezer most efficiently.

OAMC Ground Beef Collection
This ground beef collection is from Cathryn Cooks For You. This complete plan includes Cheesy Meatloaf, Taco Filling, Minnie's Stew, and Lasagna, along with step by step instructions for the most efficient method of processing your groceries for the freezer.

Feed The Freezer
Do you know what OAMC means? It stands for Once A Month Cooking, and if you use your freezer efficiently, that may be possible! This site has a getting started guide, a game plan, FAQs, and recipes to cover every taste.

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