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Halloween Supper Menus


Mini Mummy Meatloaf

Mini Mummy Meatloaf

Linda Larsen
It's almost Halloween! The spookiest night of the year can be one of the most exciting for many kids. You want them to eat a good meal before they venture out for trick or treating, but it's hard to get them to think about anything but candy. These quick and easy Halloween supper menus are simple to prepare and tempting for almost any appetite.

The weather is usually chilly on Halloween, so something warming is appropriate. You can choose from any of these five menus, or mix and match to create your own tempting spread.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Halloween Supper Menus

Halloween Pizza Supper Menu

Pizza is perfect kid food. They can eat it with their fingers, it's fun and delicious, and they can help make it too. Serve with a couple of different types of salads so they're all ready to go out into the spooky night.

Halloween Supper Chili Menu

Chili is a fabulous food to serve on Halloween. It's so easy to make, and this version, even though it takes just about 30 minutes, is rich and delicious. Serve with cheese crackers and a fun side salad to fuel you up for your Halloween adventure.

Warming Soup Menu

Soup is the perfect recipe to make before you venture out on a cold and windy night. Served with some fun Halloween sandwiches, this recipe will keep you warm!

Mini Mummy Meatloaf Halloween Supper Menu

Serve your guests their own personal meatloaf, wrapped in puff pastry to look like a mummy! This cute recipe is the centerpiece for a delicious menu that includes roasted potatoes and one of my favorite green salads.

Bubbly Casserole Halloween Menu

A chicken and potato casserole is the perfect thing to tempt kid's appetites. Everyone loves this combination of textures and flavors.

Ghostly Meatball Pot Pie Menu

Make a fabulously easy pot pie, topped with ghostly mashed potatoes, for a fun recipe the kids will love.

Wild Rice Pesto Meatloaf Menu

Meatloaf is the perfect dinner recipe no matter who you're serving. I love to serve it on Halloween simply because it's so hearty and nutritious.

Mummy Franks Menu

Hot dogs wrapped up to look like mummies is the perfect main dish to get little kids to eat just a bite. Or two! This cute recipe is served with one of my favorite gelatin salads. In fact, one reviewer said this salad is called "Scary Salad" in her family. What a great story!

Halloween Hot Sandwich Supper Menu

Hot sandwiches just take cold sandwich ingredients to the next level. Your kids are more likely to eat something if they can hold it in their hands! These recipes are fabulous, and Halloween-themed!

Halloween Simple Pasta Menu

And finally, most kids will eat pasta. If they don't want the "carbonara" part of this fabulous recipe, just separate some spaghetti and toss it with butter and grated cheese! More bacon for you. Yum.

And what about dessert, you ask? Hey, what do you think all that candy is for?

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