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Top Five Holiday Dinner Menus


When you're entertaining this holiday season, you want everything to be perfect. But you don't want to have to work so hard that you're exhausted by the time your guests arrive. That's where these five spectacular, yet easy, menus come into play. Enjoy everything from salmon fillets to stuffed turkey tenderloins to a rich beef stroganoff with very little work. Happy Holidays!

1. Holiday Dinner: Roast Chicken

Roast Lemon Chicken
Linda Larsen
Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest. Roast chicken is special because it's not served very often. If you're serving more than six people, just roast two! The leftovers are fabulous too. Served with some creamy potatoes and a fresh fruit salad, this dinner is something wonderful.

2. Holiday Dinner Menu: Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff
Linda Larsen
Honestly, the crockpot really is the best way to make Beef Stroganoff. The flavors blend and meld, and the meat becomes so tender. Serve it with some buttered noodles (it's the holiday season, after all!) and the best dinner rolls. And the cake to finish the menu is so delicious and you make it ahead of time.

3. Turkey Cordon Bleu Holiday Menu

Turkey Cordon Bleu
Linda Larsen
You can make the turkey recipe ahead of time; just chill the filled turkey and when it's time to eat, bread them and bake them. Asparagus and strawberries do come into the market this time of year, and these two side dishes are fresh and beautiful. And the Apple Strudel is a special dessert.

4. Holiday Dinner: Salmon Filets

Salmon Special Dinner
Linda Larsen
Salmon is always a great food for entertaining. This menu, which pairs a flavorful salmon with stuffed baked potatoes and a fresh salad, is very special. And the dessert, a fluffy and creamy cheesecake, is the perfect finish.

5. Holiday Dinner: Crockpot Jambalaya

Slow Cooker Jambalaya
Linda Larsen
Using your crockpot to make the main dish not only takes a lot of the pressure off you, but it welcomes your guests with incredible aromas. You can make this Jambalaya as spicy or mild as you like. And the pasta cooks right in the crockpot! It's paired with a beautiful holiday salad and one of the best dessert pies in the world.

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