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How to Use a Kitchen Knife


Using a Knife

Using kitchen knives requires following a few rules and becoming comfortable using your hands in a different way. Seeing pictures about correctly using a knife for different kitchen tasks is the best way to learn. Take a look at Knife Skills and Master Techniques and Knife Skills and other technique videos.

The most important tip I can give you is to chop slowly and carefully. Always cut away from your body. Make sure your hands are dry and the surface you're working on it nonslip. Make sure that you curl your fingers under on the hand holding the food. This takes a while to get used to, but will become second nature with practice. If your fingers are curled under, the chances are good you will never cut yourself. Watch what you're doing at all times. And keep kids and pets out of the kitchen when you're working with knives! Using your dominant hand, hold the knife firmly and, using a rocking motion, cut through the food. The knife should not leave the surface you're working on. Move your hand (with the curled under fingers) along as the knife cuts the food.

Caring For Your Knives

Store your knives in a knife block or on a Magnetic Knife Rack. When knives are thrown into a drawer, they will become dull more quickly, plus there's a good chance you'll cut yourself reaching in to retrieve one. Most manufacturers recommend that high quality knives be washed by hand and dried immediately. I have full tang, wooden handle knives and I have always washed them in my dishwasher. My knives don't look new, but they still work fine, with frequent sharpening.

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