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Top 10 Leftover Meatloaf Recipes


Leftover meatloaf has been eyed with skepticism throughout American history. Let's face it, if the meatloaf isn't good to begin with, turning it into leftovers is usually a losing proposition. But with my meatloaf recipes and meatloaf tips, you can turn out an excellent meat loaf that will be perfect in these easy recipes. There's no better way to stretch a pound or two of ground meat! Enjoy these easy recipes and see if your family even guesses they were made from leftovers!

1. Meatloaf French Bread Pizza

Meatloaf French Bread Pizza
Linda Larsen

French bread pizza is a fabulous dish, but it's usually made with sausage. Using leftover meatloaf lets you skip a step (you don't have to cook the sausage) and the meatloaf adds a fabulous flavor to this fun dish. How's that for alliteration?

2. Cheesy Meatloaf Sandwiches

Meatloaf Cheese Sandwich
Linda Larsen

This recipe is a take-off on Cheesesteak Sandwiches. Instead of sliced cooked steak, leftover meatloaf is heated with onions and bell peppers and piled onto a toasted bun, then slathered with a rich cheese sauce. Yum.

3. Meatloaf Spaghetti

Meatloaf Spaghetti
Linda Larsen

This was my first idea when I started thinking about ways to use leftover meatloaf. And really, if you have a favorite recipe that starts with sausage or ground beef, try using leftover meatloaf when you have it on hand. Just crumble the meatloaf, adjust the seasonings a bit if need be, then enjoy.

4. Meatloaf Stuffed Shells

Meatloaf Stuffed Shells
Linda Larsen

Stuffed shells is a great comforting recipe for a cool day. Jumbo pasta shells are cooked and stuffed with any savory mixture you'd like. Using leftover meatloaf lets you stretch ground beef to last for at least another meal. Leftovers of this recipe are also great for lunch!

5. Quick Meatloaf Chili

Quick Meatloaf Chili
Linda Larsen

Most of the chili recipes on the site call for cooking the chili in the crockpot. But every now and then I need some chili and don't have the time to let it simmer all day. This super quick recipe gives you savory and rich chili using leftover meat loaf. Make it as mild or as spicy as you want.

6. Meatloaf Shepherd's Pie

Meatloaf Shepherd's Pie
Linda Larsen

This rich and hearty dish is comforting and delicious. You can use any vegetables you'd like in this recipe. I myself prefer peas, onions, garlic, and carrots. If you have leftover mashed potatoes, you could use those for the topping to be even more efficient!

7. Meatloaf Chili Dogs

Meatloaf Chili Dog
Linda Larsen

Chili dogs are a great choice for a quick weekend lunch. Just warm up hot dogs or sausages, cook some meatloaf with some spicy chili beans, put it on a bun, top it with cheese, and dig in!

8. Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich

Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich
Linda Larsen

While a cold meatloaf sandwich is nice, grilling it takes it to the next level. This hearty recipe is ready in just a few minutes and your family will love it.

9. Meatloaf Tacos

Meatloaf Tacos
Linda Larsen

Make tacos with leftover meatloaf! When the meatloaf is mixed with refried beans, it becomes very tender and the flavor intensifies. Top your tacos with anything you'd like - guacamole, salsa, cheese, sour cream - the list is endless.

10. Meatloaf Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

And finally, a comforting and delicious hot sandwich is the perfect way to use up meatloaf. If you really wanted to make a quick recipe, you could use that canned sloppy joe sauce and just heat it up with some crumbled meatloaf, then serve it on buns.

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