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Lunch Recipes and Menus

Make lunchtime special with these easy and delicious recipes and menus, including wrap sandwiches, hot and cold soups, leftovers, and the best desserts.

Top 5 Freeze Ahead Sandwiches
Now is the perfect time to start making some foods for lunch boxes. School days are so busy it's hard to throw together an outfit, let alone a delicious and healthy lunch. Make these sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them, then just pick one out of your freezer on school days and tuck into insulated lunch boxes. The lunch boxes do have to be...

More Brown Bag Lunch Recipes
More brown bag lunch ideas, recipes and menus. Back to school lunchbox recipes and menus.

Packable Lunch Menu
These easy and delicious lunch recipes will travel well, whether in a school lunchbox or an executive's briefcase.

Simple Lunch Menu
This simple lunch menu can be served to company, or just to treat yourself at home or at the office. Salmon and cucumber sandwiches are served with a rich soup and simple, yet delicious, cookies for dessert.

Everday Menus: Lunch on the Run!
For this Everyday Lunch Menu, some delicious and easy pita bread sandwiches can be assembled in a flash and eaten on the run, along with some chewy, nutritious cookies packed full of granola and applesauce.

Sandwich Recipes
Sandwiches are traditional lunch food because they are so portable and easy to eat. But they don't have to be dull! These easy sandwich recipes are very delicious and will become some of your favorites.

Brown Bag Lunch Recipes
Back to school lunch tips, hints, and recipes for brown bag lunches. Get recipes for sandwiches, soups, cookies, and snacks as you pack your child's lunch box for the school year.

Wrap Sandwiches
Wrap sandwiches are made by spreading a sandwich filling or sandwich ingredients onto a flour tortilla, then rolling up. They're easy to make and eat, and stay delicious for hours, properly packed in an insulated lunchbox.

Individual Salad Lunchbox Menu
Individual Salad Lunchbox Menu is an easy combination of layered salad and delicious oatmeal cookies to pack for your child's lunch. Pack a special brown bag lunch with this layered salad recipe and cookie recipe.

Chicken Sandwich Lover's Lunch Box Menu
Chicken Sandwich Lover's Lunch Box Menu is an easy and delicious lunch menu. For your child's brown bag lunch, pack a yummy sandwich and cookie combination.

Cracker Sandwich Lunch Box Menu
Searching for fun lunchbox menus? Cracker Sandwich Lunch Box Menu is a fun inexpensive twist on the expensive packaged cracker lunchbox.

Focaccia Sandwiches Lunch Box Menu
Focaccia Sandwiches Lunch Box Menu is an easy and delicious twist on the same old sandwich for lunch. Make these easy chicken sandwiches using homemade focaccia bread for your next brown bag lunch.

Mini Bagel Sandwiches Lunch Menu
Searching for a quick and easy lunch menu? Mini Bagel Sandwiches Lunch is a delicious and easy lunch menu for your child's brown bag lunches.

Mini Wrap Sandwiches for Lunch
Mini Wrap Sandwiches for Lunch are easy and fast to make and fun to eat. Make some wrap sandwiches for your child's lunchbox.

Snacker's Lunch Box Menu
Snacker's Lunch Box Menu is a fun collection of delicious and easy recipes that sneak some nutrition into your child. Make this easy lunch menu for snackers and grazers.

Soup Sipper's Lunchbox Menu
Searching for a delicious and easy lunch box menu? Soup Sipper's Lunchbox menu is a fun and quick lunch box menu featuring Turkey Lemon Rice Soup.

Best Brown Bag Lunch Recipes

Packing school lunches is one of the more challenging tasks of the school year. For tips on making a lunch that your child will eat, see Brown Bag Lunch Recipes. Get your child involved in the process, think about creative ways to package foods she likes and will eat, and be sure to follow food safety rules. Then let your imagination take over! And don't forget to check out my Brown Bag Lunch Menus for ideas and recipes that are based on your child's preferences.

Lunch Menu for Eight Dollars
Looking for an inexpensive lunch menu? This quick and easy lunch for 4 for $8.00 includes Chicken Wild Rice Sandwiches that are delicious and savory.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Menu for $9.02
Searching for an easy chicken sandwich meal? This easy and delicious menu, with a grilled chicken sandwich and tomato soup, will feed four people for $9.02.

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