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Freezer Meals and Make Ahead Recipes

Make food in bulk ahead of time and freeze it to save money and time in the kitchen. These quick and easy recipes are all delicious and time-tested, perfect for once a month cooking.
  1. Make Ahead Recipes (9)

Freezable Vegetarian Recipes
These quick and easy main dish recipes are all vegetarian, and all freeze, thaw, and reheat beautifully. Freezable make ahead vegetarian main dish recipes.

Overnight Casserole Recipes - Make Ahead Main Dish Casserole Recipes
These easy main dish casserole recipes are made ahead of time and refrigerated, then baked when you're ready for dinner. Overnight make ahead casserole recipes.

Everything Meals for a Month
My first cookbook is now published; Everything Meals for a Month from Adams media offers more than 300 recipes developed for Once a Month Cooking. A bulk cooking model and lots of tips will make you an OAMC expert in no time, saving you lots of time and money.

Freeze Ahead Main Dish Casserole Recipes
These easy and delicious recipes for freezable casseroles are excellent for winter and the holiday season.

Once a Month Cooking and Freezing Recipes
Learn how easy it is to cook once a month and freeze batches of meals in this lesson on how to cook OAMC. Once a Month Cooking helps you cook meals for a month and then freeze them, reheating as necessary.

Make Ahead Meals
When you're feeling energetic or you have some time to spare, put together a casserole or two and store it in your fridge for dinner in the next 2-3 days. These easy recipes are delicious (some are five ingredient!) and sure to be family pleasers. Try Potato Carrot Soup or Chili Rice Casserole this week.

Freeze Ahead Holiday Foods
Now is the time to start making foods for the holidays and freezing them. You will be ready for drop-in guests, impromptu parties, weekend guests, and last-minute entertaining with these easy and foolproof recipes. Try Shrimp Puffs, Double Corn Chowder, and Divinity Frozen Fruit Salad this week!

Make Ahead Sandwich Spreads
I think sandwiches are nature's most perfect food. You can eat them on the run, make them fancy enough for company, and change ingredients and proportions without fear of failure. Keep a variety of sandwich spreads in your refrigerator.

Freeze Ahead Holiday Desserts
Searching for freeze ahead holiday dessert recipes? These delicious and quick recipes include Apple Snacking Cake and Caramel Cream Cookies.

Gifts From Your Kitchen
I feel that the best holiday gifts are those that come from the heart. Think about making your own gifts from your kitchen this year for very personal presents. You can make candy (Tootsie Rolls, Nut Goodie Bars, Coconut Drops), homemade liqueurs, Gifts in a Jar, preserves or condiments, and much more with these easy recipes.

Make Ahead Appetizers
This fabulous collection of make ahead appetizer recipes should see you through the holiday season. Make Onion Jam to serve with cream cheese, Tex Mex Snack Mix, Pesto Torte, or Cherry Chutney so you're ready for parties and hungry family members.

Freezer Breakfast Recipes
Take some time to make these recipes ahead of time, store them in your freezer, and on busy mornings breakfast will be ready in minutes.

Freeze Ahead Cookie Recipes
Searching for easy and festive freeze ahead cookie recipes? Make these delicious and simple cookie recipes ahead of time and freeze them for holiday celebrations, including Nut Lover's Brownies and Caramel Cream Cookies.

Make Ahead Holiday Recipes
Make Ahead Holiday Recipes are a great way to save time during the holiday season. Make these easy recipes ahead of time and freeze or store them to pull out when guests drop in.

Freeze Ahead Dessert Recipes
Searching for easy and fabulous freeze ahead dessert recipes? Make these delicious and simple dessert recipes ahead of time and freeze them for holiday celebrations, including Ribbon Angel Food Sherbet Cake and Buster Bars.

Freeze Ahead Holiday Appetizer and Beverage Recipes
Searching for the best appetizers and drinks to freeze for the holidays? Freeze ahead holiday appetizer and beverage recipes include some fabulous choices, such as Mini Quiches and Shrimp Puffs.

Freeze Ahead Cake Recipes
Searching for easy freeze ahead cake recipes? Make these delicious and simple cake recipes ahead of time and freeze them for holiday celebrations, including Peanut Butter Fudge Layer Cake and White Chocolate Maple Mousse Cake.

Freeze Ahead Pie Recipes
Looking for easy and luscious freeze ahead pie recipes? Make these delicious and simple pie recipes ahead of time and freeze them for holiday celebrations, including Coffee Almond Tart and Lemonade Pie.

Freeze Ahead Bread Recipes
Searching for fabulous freezable bread recipes? These freeze ahead bread recipes for the holidays are special and delicious.

Fabulous Freezable Holiday Cookie Recipes
Searching for freezable cookies? These fabulous freezable holiday cookie recipes are perfect for the Christmas season.

Freeze Ahead Holiday Entree Recipes
Searching for fabulous freeze ahead holiday entree recipes? These wonderful recipes, including Pizza Spaghetti Style and Veggie Pasta Shells, all freeze very well and are perfect for entertaining.

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