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Make Ahead Holiday Recipes



Chocolate Toffee Angel Food

Linda Larsen Creamy Stuffed Shells

Creamy Stuffed Shells

Linda Larsen Parmesan Straws

Parmesan Straws

Linda Larsen

I think that the best way to be prepared and save time (and keep your cool) during the holiday season is to prepare as much as you can ahead of time. Clean out your freezer and your pantry and get ready to create some delicious make ahead holiday recipes you can pull out when unexpected guests arrive. There's really no better feeling than having a freezer and pantry stuffed with delicious foods you made yourself.

Be sure to wrap, label, and store these foods properly. And be sure to attach directions for use (thawing, reheating, etc.) on each package so anyone can serve (or just devour!) them. Have a wonderful holiday season!


Make Ahead Holiday Recipes

  • Freeze Ahead Holiday Foods
    I like to choose two recipes from each category and make them over the course of a few days right after Thanksgiving. Then, if something interrupts my routine closer to Christmas, I know I'm still prepared. All of these foods freeze (and thaw) beautifully.
  • Freeze Ahead Holiday Desserts
    Recipes for cakes, cookies, pies, and general desserts that freeze well are included in this extensive list. Make a few and you'll never have to wonder what to whip up for a fabulous dessert.
  • Make Ahead Appetizers
    Hey, when you've got desserts and appetizers licked, the rest of the meal is pretty much a breeze. These quick and easy appetizer recipes are all festive and delicious.

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