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Memorial Day Menus

Get Out the Grill!


Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Linda Larsen
Traditionally, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, picnic and grilling season, and quick recipes. Most families have special ways of celebrating the holiday and honoring those who have died serving this country. In these years of war there is a special poignancy to this holiday, so take some time to remember, fly the flag, and enjoy every minute of the long weekend.

These easy recipes and menus will help you spend more time having fun and lots less time cooking. Pick and choose and mix and match these recipes to make a meal perfect for your family's tastes. If you haven't already, it's time to dust off the grill with some sweet and savory choices. Make ahead salad recipes are an integral part of summer cooking and eating. And these summer dessert recipes are cool and delicious. Enjoy the long weekend and these great menus and recipes!

Slider Buffet for Memorial Day

Sliders are those little mini-burgers that are so fun to make and eat. Have a buffet for your Memorial Day gathering to make things easier on you. Just set out all the food and let everyone else assemble their own masterpiece(s).

Grilled Chicken Memorial Day Menu

Grill two kinds of chicken for this fabulous Memorial Day cookout. A hearty appetizer, a crockpot side dish, and two kinds of frozen desserts make this meal special.

Special Memorial Day Menu

For Memorial Day, make this special and delicious menu that's easy too. A simple steak (choose a good one like ribeye or T-bone steak) is topped with a homemade relish that's packed full of flavor. A couple of salads, some fabulous baked French fries, and special cupcakes round out the menu. And remember to fly your flag.

Memorial Day Dinner on the Grill

This wonderful dinner menu is perfect for celebrating the first holiday of 'summer'. Juicy burgers with melted cheese tucked inside, a fabulous fruit salad, and a holiday trifle for dessert are wonderful together.

Easiest Ever Memorial Day Menu

This super easy menu features a fresh corn salad, All-American Burgers, and a huge pan of fabulous brownies. Yum.

Memorial Day Steak on the Grill

Steak is appropriate for the first unofficial holiday of summer. This recipe is really delicious because the hot juicy steak is topped with cold butter mixed with basil and pistachios. And the dessert - it's one of my favorites! Brownies are topped with a super creamy, ultra-smooth peanut butter topping that has bits of homemade peanut candy folded in.

Pack a Picnic

What could be better than a picnic? If the day is nice, you really should eat outside; otherwise, what's the point of great weather? This menu, which includes a special recipe for Baked Fried Chicken Breasts and some fabulous brownies, is wonderful for any Memorial Day gathering.

Summer Salads for Memorial Day

Lots of main dish salads make a fabulous buffet for a large party on Memorial Day. All of the salads are made ahead of time, so you can sit and eat with everyone.

Low Fat Memorial Day Cookout

You don't have to deprive yourself because you have to cut back on fat. These quick and easy recipes for the grill are perfect for any summer celebration. Mexican Fish Packets, Grilled Angel Food Cake, and some fabulous grilled salmon make a wonderful dinner.

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