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Mother's Day Lunch and Dinner Menus

Easy Ways to Treat Mom


Chicken Scampi

Chicken Scampi

Linda Larsen
I made my first Mother's Day dinner when I was 10 years old. The recipes were straight out of the Betty Crocker's Boys and Girl's Cookbook: Ham Loaf Hawaiian, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a heart shaped cake. I was working so hard cooking and baking that I didn't even get out of my pajamas in time for dinner! My mom loved it.

These recipes and menus will cover any situation for a Sunday in May, and all are geared to beginning cooks. From a make-ahead brunch to a picnic in the park, your mom will have a wonderful time.

Make sure to have a plan, make lists, and delegate duties so everyone in the family plays a part in the meals and the chores don't all fall on one person. Have fun!

Mother's Day Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Picnic in the Park with Mom

A picnic is always a good idea. If the weather's nice, go to the nearest park with Mom. If it's not, picnic inside!

Brunch on the Porch

Make a chicken salad (or two) for Mom and serve it on the porch with some delicious muffins and the easiest and best lemon pie in the world for dessert.

Lunch on the Grill

Make Mom this delicious meal on the grill. A delicious grilled salmon salad is the centerpiece of the meal, and grilled cheese bread complements it perfectly. A make ahead salad and dessert round out this special menu for Mom.

Picnic by the Lake

Another picnic menu! This one combines some excellent sandwiches with a sweet potato salad and my favorite cookies.

Chicken Scampi for Mother's Day

This super easy menu has lots of wonderfully flavored recipes. Chicken Scampi is a dish I love to eat. Your mom will love it too!

Elegant Seafood Dinner

For an elegant Mom, make this elegant dinner. Seafood is cooked in a rich Alfredo sauce, then spooned over puff pastry shells. This dinner should be served by candlelight.

Mom's Favorite Chicken Dinner

A simple chicken dinner is easy for the rest of the family to prepare. And these recipes are fancy enough to please any mom! There's a picture of every recipe, too, so you know what your dinner will look like.

Fancy Steak Dinner Menu

Hey, moms deserve steak as much as dads do! This easy menu will please all the meat eaters in the family. Be sure you don't overcook the steak, and enjoy.

Oh okay, here's the recipe for "Ham" Loaf Hawaiian!

Have a fabulous time with your mom on Sunday.

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