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New Year's Recipes and Tips


New Year's Eve is a fun celebration. Everyone gathers to eat, drink, and see the old year out in style. You can throw a fabulous New Year's Eve party with very little advance preparation - just shop and chop with my Easiest New Year's Party Menu. Or you can have a cozy party with fondue and a few select friends. New Year's Day is traditionally celebrated with an Open House, so you can see as many friends as possible. A simple buffet is the best way to entertain for that party. Have a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration!

1. Easiest New Year's Eve Party Menu

Antipasto Martini
Linda Larsen

Lots of shopping and just a little bit of kitchen work are all you need for this fabulous party. Lots of little bites and nibbles keep the party going, and you can please every single taste when you serve appetizers and dips. And what to drink? Champagne, of course!

2. New Year's Eve Appetizer Party

Lemon Crumble Bars
Linda Larsen

A combination of last minute and make-ahead appetizer recipes makes this party menu foolproof. A couple of non-alcoholic punches will keep everybody (including the kids) happy, and there are enough savory and sweet nibbles to keep everybody satisfied too. Add some party hats and confetti and you've got yourself a party!

3. Top 10 New Year's Party Recipes

Linda Larsen
These ten recipes are quick, easy, delicious, and perfect for any New Year's celebration. Mix and match, or pick one or two to add to your own menu.

4. New Year's Eve Soup Buffet

Sweet and Sour Meatball Stew
Linda Larsen

A buffet is a fabulous way to entertain. Whether you're serving this menu on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, everyone will appreciate these comforting, delicious, and heartwarming soups. Lots of homemade breads and some seriously good desserts round out this menu.

5. Fondue for New Year's Eve

Fondue Dipping
Linda Larsen

If you prefer a quiet and cozy party over a noisy gathering, this is the menu for you. Fondue is such a wonderful, communal way to entertain. With fabulous dippers that range from the traditional bread to meatballs, apples, and avocados, you and your guests will love this special dinner. It's important to have a special dessert too: try the Pecan Cakes!

6. New Year's Day Open House

Roast Beef Filo Cups
Linda Larsen

An appetizer and dessert buffet is a fun way to entertain with this easy menu. With an Open House, you just invite friends and family to come during a certain time period. Part of the fun is seeing who shows up and how long they stay! All you have to do is replenish the buffet tables occasionally. And enjoy yourself.

7. Last Minute New Year's Day Brunch

Melon Avocado Cocktail
Linda Larsen

And if you put things off till the last minute (who doesn't?) this brunch menu will come to the rescue. It's easy and elegant, with delicious recipes anyone can make. Serve some Mimosas (champagne mixed with orange juice) and lots of hot coffee for a wonderful brunch and a great way to start off the new year.

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