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No Cook Recipes

Searching for no cook recipes? These delicious and easy meals need no heat at all; just combine some foods and eat immediately or chill until the flavors blend.

Top 10 No Cook Recipes
When it's too hot to cook, turn to these quick and easy recipes you can make without any cooking. Well, okay, one defrosts some frozen rice in the microwave oven, but that's it. These salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts are all flavorful and satisfying.

Disaster Meals
Searching for food you can make even when your home has been struck by a natural disaster? Learn how to stock your pantry with canned food and other staples for disaster meals that can feed your family in an emergency.

Too Hot to Cook
When it's just too hot to contemplate cooking, turn to these fabulous recipes that don't use one tiny bit of heat.

No Cook Dessert Recipes
It seems that hot summer weather doesn't diminish anyone's sweet tooth! These easy and cool recipes use ice cream, frozen yogurt, fresh fruits, prepared cakes and cookies, and purchased pie crusts for easy preparation and no heat at all.

More Too Hot to Cook
We're in the dog days of summer now and no cook recipes are just what we need. Try Italian Bread Salad or Cool Shrimp Tacos for dinner tonight.

Summer Snacking
These easy, delicious and nutritious recipes are great to have on hand for mini meals on those sultry summer days.

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