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One Dish Meals

Searching for fabulous one dish meals recipes? These wonderful choices include Sicilian Supper and Meat Ball Stew En Casserole.

Presentation Packets
Recipes for presentation packets - one dish meals wrapped in foil, and cooked on the grill. Presentation packets are grilled one dish meal recipes.

More Skillet Meals
More Skillet Meals offers you more quick and easy delicious recipes that cook on your stovetop. Skillet meals are one dish meals that simmer on the stovetop or an electric skillet.

Skillet Meals
With just a skillet and a burner (or with an electric skillet) you can make these delicious one pot meals.

One Pan Roasted Dinner Recipes
With these one pan recipes, you plop ingredients in a roasting pan and put it in the oven. What could be easier?

Five Ingredient Crockpot Stews
These easy and delicious thick stews, chilis, and chowders cook in your crockpot all day while you are free to do anything else. Enjoy Sausage and Corn Chowder, Vegetarian Chili, or Beef and Mushroom Stew this week.

Hearty Pot Pies
Winter is the perfect time to make some pot pies. These old fashioned but streamlined recipes use corn muffin mixes, traditional pie crust, biscuits, and breadstick dough to top savory mixtures of vegetables and meat for a hearty main dish.

One Dish Crockpot Meals
These easy and delicious crockpot recipes are complete meals in one and celebrate fall flavors. Just add some bread or a quick salad to satisfy your hungry family.

Five Ingredient Casseroles
These easy and delicious comforting casserole recipes are made using only five ingredients. Try Ham and Polenta Casserole or Chicken Manicotti for dinner tonight.

One Pot Pasta
These easy pasta main dish recipes are cooked in one pot - really! You don't have to struggle with a separate pot of boiling water to get tender, beautifully seasoned pasta entrees.

Impossible Pies
Impossible pies are a great invention for busy cooks or those who just don't like making pie crusts. These great main dish and dessert pies whip together in minutes and taste wonderful. Try Italian Chicken Pie and Impossible French Apple Pie this week.

Soup, Soup, Beautiful Soup
Soups are delicious, nutritious, and the perfect Busy Cooks one dish meal, especially when served with delectable fresh homemade bread. Combine the two for a fabulous meal tonight.

Chicken Casserole Recipes
Searching for the best chicken casserole recipes? These chicken casserole recipes are comforting, delicious, and easy, including Chicken Potato Bake and Baked Chicken and Ravioli.

Five Ingredient Casseroles
Searching for easy casserole recipes? These five ingredient casserole recipes are quick, delicious, and easy, including Shepherd's Pie and Chicken Manicotti.

Five Ingredient Stir Fry Recipes
Searching for quick and easy stir fry recipes? These five ingredient stir fry recipes have got to be the fastest and most delicious ever!

Easy Casseroles
Searching for easy casserole recipes? These quick and delicious recipes for casseroles are fast to make, including Sicilian Supper and Creamy Chicken and Veggies.

All About Casseroles
Searching for the best casserole recipes? These quick and easy recipes for one dish meal casseroles are delicious and perfect to make ahead of time.

Rich Lasagna
This wonderful, flavorful lasagna recipe cooks to perfection in your oven, using ground beef, onions, cottage cheese, lasagna noodles, and pasta sauce.

Overnight Casserole Recipes
Searching for fabulous overnight casserole recipes? Make a casserole the night before, refrigerate it, and dinner is on the table in minutes, including Black Bean Lasagna and Creamy Potato and Ham Casserole.

Top 10 Casserole Recipes
Searching for the best casseroles? These top 10 casserole recipes are easy to make and delicious, including Sicilian Casserole and Creamy Chicken and Veggies.

Meatball and Fries Casserole
Searching for easy meatball recipes? Meatball and Fries Casserole is an easy and delicious main dish recipe that uses frozen precooked meatballs, Alfredo sauce, and frozen French fries.

Scalloped Chicken Casserole
Searching for a delicious old fashioned chicken recipe? Make Scalloped Chicken Casserole, a rich meal with stuffing, chicken, and velvety gravy.

Chicken Divan Casserole
This easy and delicious recipe for Chicken Divan Casserole uses only five ingredients, including frozen rice, broccoli in butter sauce, and Parmesan cheese.

These fabulous and quick recipes for all kinds of lasagna include Tex Mex Skillet Lasagna and Chicken Lasagna.

Parmesan Fillets with Pesto Spaghetti
Parmesan Fillets with Pesto Spaghetti is a wonderful one dish meal made with tender fish on top of herbed pasta.

Tex Mex Chicken Alfredo Casserole
Tex Mex Chicken Alfredo Casserole is a delicious and flavorful recipe perfect for a cold winter night.

Fish and Potato Bake
Fish and Potato Bake is a delicious one dish meal made by layering ingredients in a casserole and topping with a cheesy sauce.

Cordon Bleu Lasagna
Cordon Bleu Lasagna is a rich and delicious main dish recipe made with cream cheese, ricotta, pasta, chicken, and ham.

How To Make Presentation Packets
Learn how to make presentation packets, or one dish meals on the grill for delicious summer meals.

Lemon Thyme Chicken Thighs
This flavorful and delicious one dish meal recipe for Lemon Thyme Chicken, made with red potatoes, thyme, and carrots, takes about 45 minutes from start to finish.

Risotto is a wonderful and easy main dish recipe with tender rice in a creamy sauce, flavored with onion and garlic and rich cheese.

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