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Kitchen Aid Black Chef's Chopper Mini Food Processor

A Great Little Machine

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Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor

Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor

This little food processor is a real workhorse. You'll find yourself using it much more than a large processor - and it's under $40!

Guide Review

This wonderful little food processor is very versatile. I own an older version of this machine, and I use it constantly. I have found, in fact, that I don't need a larger food processor, because this one takes care of all my needs. Making pesto, chopping onions, making bread crumbs, pureeing vegetables and cottage cheese, and grated Parmesan cheese all work beautifully in this machine.

One of the best features is called "reverse spiral action". This means that the stainless steel blade pulls food down into the machine, instead of pushing it out towards the walls of the container. Scraping down the bowl sides is hardly ever necessary. The pulse action feature is also very handy, especially for making bread crumbs and grating cheese.

If you are considering buying a food processor, try a mini processor first. You will love it, and may not need to buy a full size model.

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