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Recipes by Ingredient

When you're staring into the fridge at 5:00 and only see a package of ground beef, what do you do? Why, you turn to my easy recipes that begin with one ingredient, add a few more, and result in a delicious entree!
  1. Beef Recipes (6)
  2. Beef Recipes (12)
  3. Chicken Recipes (23)
  4. Chocolate Recipes (8)
  5. Pasta Recipes (5)
  6. Pork and Ham Recipes (8)
  7. Seafood Recipes (7)
  8. Start With Series (75)

All About Meat
Cooking meat can be intimidating for beginning cooks. These lessons will help you cook any meat, including beef, chicken, pork, ham, fish, scallops, shrimp, sausage, and bacon, to perfection.

Ways to Use Pesto
Top 5 ways to use pesto, including drizzling, spreading, mixing, and dipping. Uses for basil pesto.

Pear Recipes
Searching for fabulous pear recipes? These quick and easy recipes using pears are perfect for fall, including Pear Apricot Cobbler and Grilled Blue Cheese Pear Sandwiches.

Start With Tomatoes
The 'Start With' series continues using fresh tomatoes. At the end of summer, anyone who has a garden usually has an abundance of tomatoes; use them in these recipes, including Tomato Pie, Tomato Soup, and Stuffed Tomatoes.

Peach Recipes
Find recipes using fresh peaches or canned peaches, using peaches in recipes like pie, creme brulee, salads, main dishes, and desserts.

An Ode to Bing Cherries
Bing cherries are one of the best things about summer; the sweet, crisp, fresh and juicy fruits are fabulous in any recipe.

All About Couscous
All about couscous tells you about this ground pasta product, how to cook it, and many recipes using it as an ingredient.

Start at the Deli
We all have our favorite deli foods. But have you ever thought of those foods as being a Busy Cooks meal starting point? These easy recipes start with deli meats, salads, cheeses, and breads.

Apple Recipes
Searching for quick and easy apple recipes? These delicious apple recipes are one of the best parts of fall, including Salmon Apple Salad and Minute Apple Tart.

Spring Fruit Recipes
For Arbor Day, celebrate the season by planting a fruit tree for the future, then make some delicious recipes using fruit in appetizers, breads, entrees, salads and desserts.

Fruits and Vegetables Preparation Guide
Searching for information about fresh fruits and veggies? Get tips for preparing and recipes for using fresh fruits and vegetables.

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