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Recipes Using Refrigerated and Frozen Bread Doughs

Looking for recipes using bread dough, whether frozen or refrigerated? This huge collection will help you make fabulous treats including Glazed Jelly Doughnuts and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sweet Rolls.

Marshmallow Puffs
Marshmallow Puffs is a quick and easy recipe using refrigerated crescent roll dough. This quick and easy sweet roll recipe for Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs is a hit with children everywhere.

Super Simple Doughnuts Recipes
Super Simple Doughnuts are a great choice for an easy breakfast, brunch, or Hanukkah recipe. Make these easy doughnuts using refrigerated biscuit dough.

Glazed Jelly Doughnuts
Jelly Doughnuts are made by filling refrigerated biscuits with jelly and baking. This simple recipe for glazed doughnuts uses refrigerated biscuit dough and raspberry jelly.

Cotija Flatbread
Cotija Flatbread recipe is made with refrigerated breadstick dough, cotija cheese and seasonings; baked until crisp, a delicious bread.

Seasoned Breadsticks
These easy and delicious breadsticks are coated with seasoned butter, including celery salt, garlic powder, and basil, then baked until crisp and chewy in a wonderful recipe.

Mini Focaccia
These savory little breads are made with only four ingredients, including refrigerated bread dough and Parmesan cheese.

Southwestern Flatbread
This easy, savory flatbread recipe is made in minutes using refrigerated french bread dough.

Chocolate Almond Pastries
These beautiful pastries look like they came from a bakery, yet use only 5 ingredients.

Alphabet Bread Sticks
Have fun shaping all the letters in your name with this easy sweet breadstick recipe.

Quick Cinnamon Rolls
Just four ingredients, including refrigerated dough, combine to make a wonderful quick sweet bread recipe.

Crescent Hearts
Use four ingredients to make these beautiful, delicious tiny pastry hearts recipes to be served as cookies or as pastries.

Tiny Caramel Rolls
Refrigerated crescent roll dough and a few ingredients combine for cute, easy caramel rolls recipe ready in minutes.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sweet Rolls
Easy sweet rolls are made by combining refrigerated crescent dough with chocolate chip cookie dough and baking.

Waffle Sticks
These fun waffle sticks made from refrigerated dough are quick and easy.

Cheese Stuffed Biscuits
Using a can of refrigerated biscuit dough and some cheese cubes, you can make these hot savory filled biscuits in minutes in this easy recipe.

Herbed Pull Apart Bread
Use refrigerated breadstick dough and dried herbs to make this quick and easy bread recipe.

Cheese Focaccia
This easy cheese focaccia recipe uses refrigerated dough to speed the cooking process.

Parmesan Sticks
These super easy breadstick recipe is made with frozen puff pastry and Parmesan cheese and is crisp, tender, puffy, and delicious.

Etruscan Cabbage Bread
Start with chopped bagged cabbage and some refrigerated biscuits and end up with a savory hot quick bread recipe.

Soft Garlicky Breadsticks
Soft garlic breadsticks are easily made with refrigerated dinner roll dough in this fun and easy recipe.

Updated Butterscotch Crescents
Updated Butterscotch Crescents that use refrigerated dough are a wonderful sweet bread recipe addition to any breakfast or brunchmenu.

Quick Cinnamon Rolls
Searching for a super quick delicious cinnamon roll recipe? These Quick Cinnamon Rolls use just five ingredients and are ready in about an hour.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls
Searching for fabulously Easy Cinnamon Rolls? This simple recipe starts with frozen bread dough and adds brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon, and a cream cheese frosting for a spectacular treat.

Butterscotch Bubble Ring
Searching for an easy coffeecake recipe? Make Butterscotch Bubble Ring, an old fashioned treat with fabulous flavor.

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