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Sandwich Spreads Recipes

Sandwich spreads are the perfect food to keep in your fridge to feed hungry teenagers. These delicious recipes are hearty and easy to make.

Parmesan Tuna Sandwiches
Searching for the best tuna sandwich recipes? Parmesan Tuna Sandwich is a delicious and easy recipe using red bell pepper, Parmesan cheese, mustard, and lemon juice.

Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread
Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread is a super easy recipe to use up leftover cooked salmon filets. Make an easy sandwich spread using leftover cooked salmon or other fish.

Cheesy Barley Sandwich Spread
Cheesy Barley Sandwich Spread recipe is an unusual, delicious, and healthy sandwich spread. Combine cooked barley with cream cheese and vegetables for an easy sandwich spread recipe.

Egg Salad Sandwich Spread
This fun and classic egg salad sandwich spread recipe is made in minutes. Egg Salad Sandwich Spread is a classic recipe.

Make Ahead Sandwich Spreads
Make a few of these easy and delicious make ahead sandwich spreads, including Olive Spread and Parmesan Tuna Spread, and keep them in your refrigerator for quick snacks and anytime meals.

Spinach Pesto Spread
Store this easy spread recipe in your refrigerator to make quick sandwiches or a fast vegetable dip.

Olive Cheese Spread
Five ingredients combine to make a delicious, rich appetizer cheese and olive spread perfect for appetizers or sandwich spread.

Tofu Egg Salad Sandwich Spread
This delicious vegetarian egg substitute salad sandwich spread is made in minutes.

Turkey Cucumber Sandwiches
Cool, crisp cucumber combined with diced turkey and dill makes a wonderful sandwich spread recipe.

Shrimp Salad Sandwich Spread
Shrimp combines with cabbage and carrots in this easy and savory sandwich spread recipe.

Wild Rice Chicken Sandwich Spread
Canned wild rice, cooked chicken, and other wonderful ingredients make this easy sandwich spread recipe special.

Olive Sandwich Spread
This fun and easy sandwich spread recipe with different kinds of olives, is delicious and made in minutes.

Hummus Sandwich Spread
Chopped vegetables folded into hummus makes an easy and delicious sandwich spread recipe which keeps in your refrigerator for several days.

Ham Cheese and Corn Sandwich Spread
Try grilling sandwiches made with this easy, savory spread until the cheese melts, or use as a cold sandwich spread with whole wheat bread.

Curried Chicken Sandwich Spread
This great combination of flavors makes a perfect sandwich spread recipe that keeps well in your fridge for several days.

Crunchy Chicken Sandwiches
This quick and easy sandwich spread is perfect to keep in your fridge for hungry teenagers.

Antipasto Sandwiches
Antipasto ingredients combine for a great, easy sandwich filling in a quick and simple lunch recipe.

Roast Beef Sandwiches With Garlic Aioli
Use leftover or deli roast beef with a homemade garlic spread for a delicious and easy sandwich recipe.

Pimento Cheese Sandwich Spread
This classic and easy southern sandwich spread recipe is a staple in my kitchen and is also perfect as an appetizer spread.

Cottage Cheese Sandwich Spread
Combine cottage cheese with some shredded veggies for an easy and delicious sandwich spread recipe.

Pesto Recipe
This simple recipe for basil pesto uses just five ingredients and makes a sauce packed full of flavor. You can use the sauce to coat hot cooked pasta, as an appetizer dip, or a sandwich spread.

Spinach Pesto Sandwich Spread
Spinach Pesto Sandwich Spread is a quick and delicious make ahead recipe that uses only five ingredients.

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