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Thirty Minute Soup Recipes

Quick and Easy Warming Soups


Salmon chowder
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Quick Pumpkin Soup

Quick Pumpkin Soup

Linda Larsen

Hot soups are a winter staple. And while cooking soups in the crockpot is great, sometimes you want soup on the table in a hurry. These quick and easy recipes for soups will let you serve your family in less time than it takes to go through the drive-through window!

Keep a nice selection of canned and boxed broths on hand, along with frozen vegetables, frozen chopped chicken and beef, and lots of pastas. Then with any of these recipes you can whip up a delicious batch of soup in very little time.

Soups without potatoes and pasta also freeze really well. So make a big pot of soup and feed your family a hearty filling dinner, and have another dinner ready and waiting in your freezer!

Thirty Minute Soup Recipes

  • Chicken Santa Fe Soup
    This easy recipe from my first cookbook is full of flavor. After it's simmered for 15 minutes, soup's on! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  • White Bean Chicken Soup
    Five ingredients and 20 minutes. That's all you need for this fabulous spicy soup. Top it with crumbled taco chips, sour cream, avocado, salsa, whatever!
  • Bacon Cheese Soup
    Love bacon? This is the soup for you. It's rich, creamy, and flavorful.
  • Quick Ravioli Soup
    This simple soup is easy and delicious. Serve it with some hot breadsticks and a glass of white wine.
  • Salmon Chowder
    Leeks take a couple of minutes to prepare; be sure to get all of the grit out. After they're chopped, this soup goes together quickly.
  • Lite Cheese Chowder
    I admit it - I love processed cheese. The smoothness and richness of the texture and flavor are really wonderful. Serve this soup with some frozen croissants you bake until hot and flaky.
  • Ramen Corn Chowder
    Ramen noodles are the base for this super simple soup. Serve it with a nice fruit salad for a quick lunch.
  • Stovetop Beef Chili
    This is the chili I make most often. You can make it even easier by substituting some frozen cooked meatballs for the ground beef; cook until the meatballs are nice and hot.
  • Microwave Mexican Chili
    This exotic and delicious chili recipe uses unsweetened chocolate for a great depth of flavor. You can also simmer it on the stovetop.
  • Clam Chowder
    This classic chowder uses frozen potatoes and corn to make preparation a breeze.
  • Tomato Tortellini Soup
    Four ingredients and about 10 minutes and you'll be serving this delicious soup.
  • Fish and Vegetable Soup
    Use your favorite type of mild fish fillets in this quick and easy soup recipe.
  • Crab Bisque
    You can use real crab in this simple recipe if you'd like.
  • Quick Black Bean Soup
    Canned black beans are a soup-lover's best friend. This delicious soup is made with ingredients from your pantry.
  • Beer Cheese Soup
    This is one of my favorite soup recipes of all time. You must serve it with white cheddar cheese flavored popcorn!
  • Garbanzo Chile Soup
    Chile spelled with an 'e' means the actual 'fruit' (yes, it's a fruit). Chili spelled with an 'i' means the dish. So this soup, not chili, is full of chiles! Got it?
  • Tex Mex Cheese Soup
    Five ingredients, including three cans, and about 15 minutes are all you need for this delicious rich soup.
  • Tuna Bisque
    Sometimes combining two kinds of soup and adding a few ingredients adds up to a great meal. This is one of those times.
  • Meatball Pasta Soup
    Frozen precooked meatballs are one of my favorite convenience foods. And in this simple soup recipe, they cook to perfection in pasta sauce. Yum.
  • Boursin Soup
    This rich and creamy soup is so easy and so delicious.
  • Quick Pumpkin Soup
    Have you ever had Pumpkin Soup? Try it - it's fabulous. And this easy recipe uses just five ingredients.

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